15 Female Erogenous Zones to Drive Her Wild

What Are Female Erogenous Zones?

Erogenous zones are areas of the body with a heightened sensitivity, and with the right stimulation may generate a sexual response such as arousal. Women have many erogenous zones, well beyond the obvious genital areas.

Sensitivity to individual erogenous zones will vary person to person. Each erogenous zone has nerve endings that can provide pleasure sensations when stimulated by another person, or even oneself.

Touching—caressing, stroking, rubbing, massaging, kissing, licking, nibbling—erogenous zones will arouse pleasure sensations.

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What makes one female erogenous zone more pleasurable than another depends on a number of factors, including environment, experience, relationship nature, culture and personal history.

Like all foreplay, what works with one woman may fall flat with another. But finding out what works for a new lover is always fun and exciting.

Her Top Erogenous Zones and How to Explore Them

1. Brain

You might ask yourself, how can the brain be an erogenous zone if I can’t touch it?

Every kind of interaction will stimulate a woman’s brain, and some of us prefer brains over brawn. Good sexual chemistry is more than bodies—just ask the nerd who gets all the gals. Flex your brain muscles without being arrogant.

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Orgasmic Woman

2. Scalp

A good hair stylist possesses the very important skill of giving a decent scalp massage while shampooing a woman’s hair. For some of us ladies, it can feel as good as sex!

Wash your lover’s hair, massaging her scalp gently but intensely or just massage dry when you want to connect while relaxing.

3. Lips and Tongue

Our lips are full of those nerve endings that arouse and delight. Think of how much you kiss when you are just getting to know someone or falling in love.

Use your lips and tongue to go erogenous zone to erogenous zone for maximum stimulation during foreplay.

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Man Kissing Woman with Red Lipstick

4. Ears

Not all women feels aroused when their ears are touched, but many do. You can kiss her ears, caress the outer rim, gently massage her lobes, or blow and lick for different temperature sensations.

5. Nape of Neck

Very few women don’t love having attention paid to their neck. Just the brush of a man’s hand along the nape of one’s neck can send shivers down her spine—in a good way! Kiss and delicately give this erogenous zone some loving.

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6. Shoulders

Not the first part of the women’s body that men fantasize about, but it feels very relaxing and sexy to have them massaged by someone we are attracted to.

There’s a reason why massage porn is popular with women! And it all starts with the shoulders.

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Passionate Kiss against a Wall

7. Breasts and Nipples

Nipples are often given top spot on a woman’s list of erogenous zones. It doesn’t take much to have them stand at attention—a little sucking or pinching often does the trick, and this alone can make a woman wet.

For men with a breast fetish, there are so many ways to pleasure this erogenous zone. Squeezing, sucking, massaging, kissing. You may even like to mix in some BDSM play with nipple clamps or bondage wrapping.

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8. Armpit

The armpit is often a no-go zone for women because it feels too ticklish when touched. Some men and women actually have an armpit fetish, and rate this an extreme hot spot that arouses easily when touched. Try it once, and you’ll know.

9. Forearms and Wrists

Wrists and other parts of the arm are erogenous zones that can be stimulated in a number of ways. They can be caressed and held and kissed in a slow dance or rubbed during a massage. She may get aroused by having her wrists tied during bondage exploration.

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Two Women with Hands on Man's Thighs

10. Hands

Many men delight in the delicate shape and form of some women’s hands.

Attention paid to her hands may involve kissing or simply interlacing with yours while walking. You may go the extra mile and give your lover a manicure as a kind of kinky role play or just a loving gesture.

11. Belly

Female erogenous zones include the belly or stomach area. Some women will be aroused with belly caresses while being undressed. Pepper her tummy with kisses on your way downtown.

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Some women love having their belly held while being spooned and cuddled in bed or on the couch. The belly button may or may not be off-limits.

12. Lower Back

Erogenous zones can excite, but also relax which is what women want to feel before and during sex.

There’s nothing better than a glorious back rub or massage to put us in the mood. Set the scene with some soft lighting, sexy music, and use a lightly scented oil for maximum pleasure.

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Romantic Massage

13. Pubic Mound and Labia

The most obvious female erogenous zone inclcudes the pubic mound, outer and inner labia, and of course the clitoris. But these areas are not going anywhere, so never be in a rush to get there.

When you do end up there, be sure to use all manners of touch, whether it’s with your hands, your lips and tongue, or your cock. Become a master of touch where it counts through slow practiced patience.

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14. Thighs

What really can generate heat between a woman’s legs is having the inner thighs touched. It’s a real tease that sends lightning straight up to her pussy.

Your touch might come from your hand on the outside of her jeans at the movie theater or kisses on the naked flesh while you pull those same jeans down later.

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Sexy Brunette in Red Thong and Bra

15. Feet

Most women fall into two camps when it comes to having their feet touched, either stay away or please do.

If your lover loves her feet as much as you do, take every opportunity to rub her tender tootsies. It’s relaxing and arousing at the same time, so it makes for great foreplay. You might even get a footjob if you’re lucky!

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What erogenous zones do you focus on? Do you have a special technique?

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