Road Head: Tips for Getting a Blowjob While Driving

Do you fantasize about road head and having a lovely lady’s lips around your cock while you cruise along?

What Is Road Head?

Road head is when the driver of a motorized vehicle receives a blowjob—oral sex, fellatio—from the person beside them, in the passenger seat. Some also call this “dome head.”

You can use the expression “she gives good road head” or “that’s the best road head I’ve ever gotten.”

You’ve probably seen road head in many movies or read scenes in books, but it’s not as common as all that for reasons outlined in the tips ahead.

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5 Road Head Tips

1. SUVs Provide More Privacy than Cars

You can have road head in any vehicle, but a clear favorite is the SUV. Road headers love the elevation an SUV provides, so many drivers and passengers on the road can’t see what you’re up to. A lot of SUVs have tinted windows to provide another layer of privacy.

The SUV beside you may catch a glimpse or the pick-up jacked up on big wheels, but hey, road head is inherently exhibitionist, so you can’t guarantee no voyeurs.

2. Move the Seat Back and the Steering Wheel Up

Road head takes place in a small confined space, so the one giving a blowjob doesn’t always have a lot of wiggle room to move their head.

For a bit more space, move your seat back while still being able to see the road safely, and raise your steering wheel. Even then, it may be a challenge, but every sexually adventurous couple loves a challenge!

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3. Put a Small Pillow Over the Centre Console

What’s between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s is usually a center console that’s made of hard plastic. If you have a small pillow you can use that to provide a softer surface for the giver’s chest.

The issue here is that you don’t want to block the all important stick shift, so be careful that the driver can touch what he needs to.

4. Warn Her of Upcoming Bumps in the Road

You’ll want to warn the giver of a bump coming up in the road or if pavement turns to gravel as you forge onto a country road. And advance warnings like this will be much appreciated.

You also want to send these signals for your own benefit. If someone has their cock inside their mouth and all of a sudden they are jolted, they may follow the instinct to bite down. Road head is never worth losing your cock over!

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5. Swallowing Will Keep Things Tidy

If your road head queen can finish off this spectacular feat with swallowing, she deserves the crown, because the last thing you want to do is rummage for a tissue right before you come.

She can be prepared with tissue in her right hand before the shenanigans begin, though, just in case. Cum is hard to get out of upholstery, so one or the other preparations will work.

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The Dangers of Road Head

You’re Distracted from Driving

Now that you’ve fantasized about how fun it would be to engage in road head, from either side, let’s get real. Sex in a moving vehicle, any kind of sex, is dangerously distracting if one person is driving.

The truth is, road head is very dangerous. It is dangerous for both the driver and passenger of this fuckfest on wheels, and it could cause an accident that involves other people, pedestrians and drivers.

Dangerous Driving Is Illegal

Road head is dangerous driving, and dangerous driving is illegal. There’s no ifs ands and buts here. If you want to engage in road head, you are risking being caught (another tempting factor of the practice for many).

Being caught in the road-head act can result in anything from a ticket, license suspension, or worse, depending on your driving record. Think before you act, for both parties’ sakes—is the thrill of road head worth it?

It’s an Indecent Act if Someone Sees You

Not only can you be charged for dangerous driving if you are caught receiving a blowjob while driving, you may also be charged with indecent exposure if someone sees you.

If having road head fulfills a secret fantasy of being watched having sex in some capacity, think about going to a sex club and offering up a sizzling scene for fellow attendees.

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Road Head Is Specifically Banned in Some States

Kinky folks who love BDSM and love to travel are well versed in various countries’ laws pertaining to public sex or traveling with sex toys and fetish gear.

In the US, some states have outright banned road head, and have much stiffer penalties for this risky act that poses a danger to everyone on the road.

How to Have Safer Road Head

1. For Full Privacy, Never Leave the Garage

Like many taboo kinks, road head can be adjusted for safety purposes. If being in the car is a big part of the thrill, stay parked in the garage where you don’t have to worry about getting caught or arrested.

You can play some tunes and engage in dirty talk to recreate a more real-life experience.

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2. Enjoy a Blowjob while Parked Somewhere Secluded

Blowjobs will travel, and they do! The term “parking” has been around as long as cars. It just means to make out in a parked car.

It’s an awesome way to fool around and feel naughty, but without having to go all the way. It’s a perfect tease for new couples just getting to know each other, but also for those who are looking to go back to the heady days early in their relationship.

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3. Drive Slowly and Avoid Busy Streets and Highways

If you just can’t help yourself and have to try road head at least once, do it while driving slowly. This will give you a taste of the real thing, but make it somewhat less dangerous.

Your best bet for safer road head is to drive somewhere with little to no traffic. That might mean driving out into the middle of nowhere while at the cottage or choosing an industrial park in the middle of the night.

Practicing road head on busy residential streets or super highways is just not smart sex.

4. Save Your Climax for Later

No one says you have to come during a blowjob, in fact, most couples use oral sex as foreplay ahead of intercourse. You’re not going to have penis-in-vagina sex in a moving car, but you’ll be tempted to climax through oral. Because an orgasm of any kind can be unexpected and explosive, it can be dangerous for driving.

Enjoy some saucy oral, but save the ending for when you get home and can add in anything else to the mix.

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5. Keep Your Seatbelts On

Another must for making road head safer is to have both driver and passenger keep their seatbelts on. If you get pulled over for not only for road head, indecent exposure, and not wearing your seat belts, you’re probably looking at a hefty fine or worse.

Remember, safe sex isn’t just about condoms!

Have you had a blowjob while driving? Are you a road head queen? Dare to share!

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