Breast Fetish: 7 Ways to Indulge Your Kink

Do you have a breast fetish? What is it about the fatty globule with the round, dark protuberance in the middle that gets our engines going?

The breast is a nearly universal icon of beauty and powerful stimulus for sexual arousal.

Why We Love Breasts

Who didn’t start their sex education pouring through National Geographic piles in search of skin?

While some cultures cheerfully bared all historically, others had entire fashion industries dictate the boob shape de jour, or how much should show, and where. Lingerie is really just the sensual decorating of breasts with flimsy silks and laces.

Breasts appeal widely to all genders and orientations. Women who are bisexual or bi-curious love breasts as much as straight men, and even women who identify as staunchly heterosexual melt around a nice set of knockers. Gay men love boobs too, adoring the aesthetic of busty babes and often emulating them.

Of course, the hetero male gaze objectified the breast into iconic status via skin rags: the calendar girls and big-breasted pinups gave way to Playboy and the allure and fame of Marilyn Monroe half naked. By the 80s and 90s, the silicone augment was popular among women seeking to outboob their competitors, and now we have circled back to au naturel, whether it’s those tasty teacup titties or the swinging knockers of bigger gals.

Breast fetish or not, we love breasts—big, small, medium, or mismatched.

As George Costanza famously said to the redhead he was interviewing for secretary, “You’re luscious. You’re ravishing. I would give up red meat just to get a glimpse of you in a bra.”

Breast play is a delicious and scintillating aspect of lovemaking.

7 Ways to Indulge Your Breast Fetish

Here are some ways to enjoy your breast fetish and make “second base” the home run!

1. Play Dress Up

Casual sex often means quick sex, and what it makes up for in spontaneity and excitement, it can lose in ceremony and aesthetic.

I’m so guilty—as much as I love stockings and sweet little bra thingies, my go-to is always jeans and a ponytail.

After all, the clothes are coming off, am I right?

But taking the time to build anticipation and undress her slowly can amp things up. Ask her to wear a red teddy or a black lace bra. If you have someone special, offer to gift her some lingerie to wear for you. (Just a heads up that this one can come off creepy—you don’t want to send pricy French silk to someone you barely know.)

If she’s into the lingerie or the visual aspect, it’s not just bras. Enjoy the sights of those beautiful breasts in nightclub gear—the little black dresses—and burlesque outfits, rubber, leather, and lace.

2. Enjoy a Striptease

If she’s into showing off, having your very own private dancer can be an intensely erotic experience. You can even install a stripper pole or just use a basic chair and enjoy a topless dance.

3. Give a Breast Massage

Treat her to a slow and sensual massage that focuses on her breasts. Use a variety of strokes—circular, wide-palmed, light slaps, gentle squeezes, and feathery fingers. Take your time and use a nice moisturizer for sensitive skin, or even a lube. A warming lube can be gorgeous.

4. Use Your Mouth

Incorporate her breasts into your kissing and making out. Use your lips, tongue, teeth, and vary your approach—shower her décolletage in soft kisses, slowly tease her nipple out of her bra, lick her breasts and areolas, and bite down very gently on a nipple.

The key to incredible breast kissing is to make it the main course while you’re there. Don’t be in a hurry and rush on past. Give her the chance to relax and enjoy what you’re doing. Ask what strokes and kisses she likes—you can try asking her right after, something along the lines of, “This way, or how about this?” Let her guide you.

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5. Engage in Adult Nursing

Take breast kissing to the next level and try nursing or prolonged suckling. If she responds favorably to kissing and licking, she may enjoy a good long suck. This can be too intimate on a first date or a quickie, so gauge the situation carefully before you latch on for the long haul.

Adult breastfeeding can be a surprisingly intense and erotic experience. Bonding hormones and pleasure hormones are released when her breasts are suckled, and the experience can increase her arousal dramatically as well as yours.

6. Try Rope Play and Bondage

If you love breasts, and she loves breast play, there are beautiful bondage games focused on both restraint and the aesthetic, with decorative rope arts that bind her breasts in different ways. It’s slow and sensual play for unhurried lovers. Learning the knots and bonds takes time, and being bound is also slow sex.

Look up the rope arts and see some stunning breast and bondage arrangements. If you’re both kinky and into sensation experimentation, this can be extremely satisfying and take sex to another level.

7. Come on Her Breasts

Not every woman wants to be titty fucked, so don’t just spray her without finding out what she wants and needs first. But lots of us enjoy this, for a few different reasons—it feels great, it’s very visual for us as well as you, it’s safe sex, and it’s one way to engage with semen that isn’t a turn off. (She probably doesn’t want your cum in her mouth, on her face, or in her pussy or ass for safety and pregnancy risk reasons.)

Thrusting your cock between those creamy globes can be an amazing warm sensation and releasing on her skin is super hot.

I didn’t even mention ice cubes, nipple clamps, or the shower play… breasts are an endless source of fun and pleasure for both of you, just get creative!

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What do you love about breasts? Do you have a breast fetish or favorite way to play you’d like to share?

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