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Hookup Land is anywhere you want it to be. It’s your ideal hookup, (who looks amazing by the way), in the perfect place, the time is right and everything is feeling good.  Hookup Land is also the name of this little blog you’ve stumbled upon. We’re the home of everything hookups; sex tips, dating advice, hookup help, plus stories and more.

Who Is Behind Hookup Land?

Hello hookup lovers! My name is Lola Page. I’ve been writing about dating and reviewing sites for over 15 years, and in 2013 I decided to create the Hookup Land blog. I wanted to have a place to divulge what I’d learned from both my career in the dating industry as well as my own experiences with online dating and hookup culture. The Hookup Land writers and I don’t take things too seriously, and just want to offer information and advice in a fun and flirty way.

Over the years, many different writers have joined me here in Hookup Land. Some were even the men I was dating at the time! (Oh, that makes me laugh now.) However, the current roster of talent is something I am very proud of. Our posts are generally short and sweet, and we try our best to keep things light as we cover topics that we hope our readers will find helpful.

What Is the Hookup Land Mission?

We aren’t afraid to get a little naughty, so our mission is talk as openly as we can about sex and hookups. We are in Hookup Land and anything goes! Hooking up seems to get more and more complicated in this digital age, so we’re here to break down everything from sexting to threesomes to fetishes to orgasms, and all the dirty dating sites that aim to get you there.

So let’s talk about attraction, all those gooey feelings and the undeniable lust. Let’s talk about that new sex act you’re dying to try, but don’t know how to tell your girlfriend about it. Let’s talk about the best and worst parts of being single. Let’s talk about how to find partners into your very specific kink. And tell us about your deep dark fantasies, and maybe I’ll we’ll tell you about ours. 😉

How Can I Participate?

We love hearing from our readers and are working hard to improve the community aspect of our site. Please feel free to leave comments on your favorite posts. We do our best to reply and love it when a post can act as a springboard for further discussion. So let us know what you think!

Have you read our Hookup Help posts? If you have a hookup related question consider submitting it to us here. One of our writers will publish your question (anonymously of course), and provide ideas and insight that can benefit us all.

If you’d like to contact us for any other reason, please use the Hookup Land contact form.

Happy Hooking Up!

xo Lola

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