Sexual Teasing: How to Sexually Tease a Partner

Sexually teasing a lover is a wonderful way to build anticipation, create intimacy, and have a bigger and better orgasm.

What Is Sexual Teasing?

Sexual teasing is an exchange with someone that involves toying with the emotions we feel in anticipation of sex.

Teasing can be done in an endless variety of ways. This is because of the infinite opportunities there are for power exchange that ignites the energy of teasing.

Playful sexual teasing can tantalize, titillate, hint, flirt, and dangle the chance of connection. Teasing can be short or long-term, depending on how well you know someone or how long you have to tease.

Sexual teasing can also be hurtful. It can sometimes be tied into sexuality with subversive, tension-building, contradictory passion play, but it can also be cruel and harsh without any other intention except to minimize and disrespect one’s spirit.

Some people are aroused or titillated by being teased harshly, for example small penis humiliation (SPH). But that’s a whole other dimension of sexual teasing that I’m not going to examine here.

Sexual teasing is generally playful in nature and this is the type of teasing that one wants to begin with. Not knowing the style, depth, darkness and deviancy of a person will not allow hurtful teasing to be used in any sexual manner until you know that person properly.

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Man sexually teasing woman in bed by kissing her neck.

8 Ways to Tease Your Partner Sexually

Teasing is one of the ultimate forms of foreplay because it is so infinite in nature, because it can be done with words, actions, objects, time, space, body, the mind—so many things.

To be only known as a sexual tease can backfire if you only care about the chase and not the catch. But a properly paced and played teasing scenario can make you a legend in the realm of love and relationships!

1. Send Dirty Texts

Sexting has become an art form for sexual teasing. Without you there in person to respond to immediately, you can heighten a lover’s anticipation of things to come. Just be sure to deliver on any promises teased.

You can send sexy texts with words, nude pictures, or masturbation videos (if previously consented to), whatever you want to flirt.

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2. Flirt in Public

This is the old school way, and still works to this day. Some women will not make eye contact with men because they don’t want it to seem like they’re flirting. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interact positively with the people you are attracted to.

Send someone a genuine smile. Wink at someone you really want to talk to you, that you feel safe energy from. Don’t be afraid to be friendly to someone in your day to day.

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Woman flirting and sexually teasing a man at coffee shop.

3. Share Your Fantasies

This is a great way to sexually tease AND give suggestions as to what a lover can do to you when you finally have an opportunity to make something happen together.

Just spill your guts, in a sexy way. Whisper your fantasies while you’re on a walk in nature or at the end of a romantic dinner. Share a secret fantasy that you haven’t yet revealed in a magic moment. You’ll know it when you feel it.

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4. Wrestle or Tickle

Sexual teasing can be childlike and playful. And nothing is more fun than a simple wrestling match! Keep it light or get naughty, intentionally forcing a sexy body part close to theirs if the timing is right.

Sexy wrestling or light tickling is a fun and innocent way to tease. You can keep it totally PG or easily move things into an R-rated scene for your eyes only.

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Woman teasing a man sexually in bed.

5. Do a Striptease

Take your clothes off slowly to tease your lover who is on the couch or bed. You can make it a super tantalizing affair by remaining half-clothed or you can go full monty and fuck them right there and then.

The best kind of striptease involves a long and winding journey, with the voyeur unable to touch until the dancer says so. Anticipation is the greatest aphrodisiac—become a drug dealer of sexual suspense, and strip tease your way into bliss!

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6. Give a Sensual Massage

Explore your lover’s entire body, with detailed attention to your favorite parts. Avoid erogenous zones and put off any oral or penetrative sex for maximum sexual teasing.

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7. Try Sensation Play

Sexual teasing with a feather? Why not. Teasing with a fluffy glove? Go for it! Teasing with a wooden kitchen spoon? I’ve experienced all of these, and I have nothing but good memories!

There are a thousand and one ways to explore sensation play if you use your imagination. Sensations don’t always turn out to be equally impressive, but the fun is in finding out what you don’t like as much as what you do. And, teasing is sometimes better when it’s bad!

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Sensual Long-Haired Woman

8. Experiment with Orgasm Edging

Orgasm edging is sexual teasing of the highest order. Once you are mentally ready to give and/or take these orders and you have communicated the boundaries you need, you’re ready to be teased like a wild sexual superstar!

Edge yourself or let someone else get you close to the edge of orgasm, and then stop. How long can you let your lover tease you to the brink without spilling out? How long will they last every time you stop them from coming. I promise, the longer your orgasm is teased, the more explosive it will be.

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That’s all I have to say for now about sexual teasing. Nothing better than knowing when to stop teasing and start kissing and fucking. Catch me next time, in post-orgasmic bliss.

Sincerely yours,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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