Make Your Sexual Fantasies Come True

How much of a fantasy is your fantasy?

How many times have you and your lover been in post-orgasmic bliss comparing sexual fantasies? I’ll answer that for you: whenever you’re subconsciously looking for more thrill than you’re actually getting.

Now let me ask you this:

When you ask, what kind of things do you fantasize about? how often do you get a reply like “Y’know, group sex, kinda thing” or “Y’know, exhibitionist sex, kinda thing” or “Y’know, role play sex, kinda thing” or “Y’know, bi-sexual sex, kinda thing”? Considering those are the most common fantasies, dare I suggest often.

Here are two interesting considerations about those fantasies:

  1. They’re all easily within reach — so why do they remain fantasies?
  2. “Fantasy” can be a bit of a misnomer. Any worthy sex psychologist will tell you that whatever we “fantasize” about at the moment of orgasm is indicative of what we really want sexually.

How unfortunate that what so many people consider a “fantasy” is likely the kind of sex they should be chasing.

The most obvious example is Same-sex Fantasies and Sexual Orientation. Someone might suggest — let alone believe — that bi-sexuality is a one-off fantasy. But if all they think about when they’re cumming is getting off with same-sex lovers, well… it might be time for a little soul searching.

Look, it’s no co-ing-kee-dink that so many women claim (often when drunk, sadly) to fantasize about “doing it” with another woman, or being ravaged by multiple cocks. (And I PROMISE you: I personally know MANY women who at one time only fantasized about these things, but now do them whenever they damn well feel like it. And why shouldn’t they? It’s awesome!)

None of this is to say that everything/anything we fantasize about pigeonholes us in cement, but it’s a mighty good barometer. And with just about every kind of dating site you can imagine only a click away, inaccessibility is hardly an issue.

So here’s the thing:

What do you think about when you cum? That’s what you’re into, and that’s what you should go after.

But: be safe.

But: DO go for it!

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