10 Bathtub Sex Tips and Ideas

There’s a point in time in every sexual journey of exploration and evolution when you have to ask yourself: Why haven’t I had sex in the bathtub?

I don’t know if you’re the same as me, but I LOVE water, and I love sex, so putting them together is just icing on an already frosted cake!

Why Have Sex in the Bathtub?

It’s very intimate to have sex in the bathtub, sharing our bodies while bathing together.

Sex in the bath or shower can involve cleansing rituals, checking out each other’s parts up close and in the light of day, using the toilet in front of each other beforehand, talking about how good the sex in the bedroom just was and how it’s inspiring another round in the bathtub.

Sex outside the bedroom, wherever that may be—in another part of the house or outside in a risky public space—is extra fun and sexy.

If you’re not the exhibitionist type who wants to fuck in an alley or club washroom, you can still enjoy adventurous sex in the bathtub where you have privacy and everything is close at hand.

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Sexy Woman in Bathtub

10 Bathtub Sex Tips and Ideas

1. Set the Mood with Lighting or Candles

You can get romantic in the bathroom very easily, and most bathtubs come with sections that are perfect for scented candles, bath bombs, and flowers whether in the water or around it.

A regular shower or bath is really good to enjoy, but a bath that looks like a milkshake frothing with strawberry bubbles and tinted candles burning with a vanilla scent added to the scene would make anyone melt.

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2. Don’t Forget the Music

You can almost never go wrong with music added to bathtub sex, and since music comes in so many different genres, you can adjust it according to the mood you want from beginning to end.

You can choose instrumental background vibes, or something more intense and heavy with lyrics and loud. You have your own rituals, so mix it up in the bathroom like you do in the bedroom with a playlist.

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3. Have Beverages On Hand

I don’t know about you, but I have a thing about not drinking water from the shower head, haha. So when I want to enjoy time in the bathroom, I make sure to bring juice or tea or wine, in a plastic cup or one with a handle.

Be safe with your drinks, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something delicious while expending energy during bathtub sex.

4. Wash Each Other as Foreplay

Washing your lover in a shared shower often happens after sex, but it can also be a prelude to the grand finale. Sensual touching and washing is extremely arousing when enjoying a bath together.

Enjoy running your hands or a soft cloth over your partner’s entire body as a worship ritual and a sexy connection. Kisses and caresses can slide their way in while you’re multitasking like a hot octopus to make them even more wet.

5. Tease Your Partner with Running Water

Bathtub sex enthusiasts already know that a detachable waterhead is a must. I’m damn near positive that all women are intimately familiar with the showerhead as a sexual device, so this is a great time to share that sex toy with your partner.

Use the water as a pressure-pleasure maker and tickle them with the stream. It feels even better when someone else is holding the head and changing settings to build anticipation.

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6. Find a Comfortable Bathtub Sex Position

Bathtub sex can be challenging, even for the most flexible and agile among us. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way to fuck!

This is where non-slip mats and grab bars come in handy. We’re not all twenty year-old gymnasts, and not every bathtub is made for more than one petite person. With some determination and exploration, you will find the safest sex position(s) that work best in your own bathroom.

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7. Too Awkward? Try Hand or Foot Jobs

Unsafe bathtub sex isn’t worth it, believe me. And penetrative sex is not the end all and be all. You can still enjoy oral and manual sex in the bathtub for a pleasurable adventure.

Wet and slippery hands and feet can do a lot of delicious damage to a dripping set of genitals in the tub! Spend the whole shower just fingering or stroking the yummy bits. Engage in mutual masturbation if you have room to face each other, but reaching one another is a challenge.

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8. Try Adding Sex Toys

Using the showerhead as a sex toy is a given, but there are many other toys to add to your bathtub sextravaganza.

A good old suction-cup dildo is a popular choice amongst many. You never know, one might just be waiting on the side of your lover’s tub when they invite you over for a late-night hookup. There are also plenty of safe vibrating toys made especially for water play activities.

9. Consider Using Underwater Lube

One thing to know about bathtub penetrative sex: Water is NOT a lubricant.

Lube makes sex anywhere and everywhere better, so just have some lube specific to water play on the side of the tub to save yourself the stress!

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10. Avoid Bath Products that May Be Irritants

Not all bathroom lotions and potions are created equal. You don’t want to use shampoo for lube just because you’re desperate only to wind up with a severe rash on your genitals. It’s also not a good idea to use something from the medicine cabinet on parts your mouth and tongue are planning to touch.

Be safe when you have bathtub sex in every way you can be, and then… enjoy the hell out of it. Hot water and fucking: together at last!

Do you have bathtub sex? Share you top tips and ideas for fun sex in the tub!

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