Sensual Breast Play Ideas

When was the last time your hookup was all about her breasts and nothing else?

I’m willing to bet you spend a fair amount of each day looking at women’s breasts. I know I do! So when they’re right in front of you, yours for the taking, what’s the rush? Treat yourself and your partner to an unhurried sexy breast session.

Here are some ideas and possibilities.

Take Her Lingerie Shopping

A friend told me he bought some beautiful bras for his casual sex partner, and she never wore them. He wanted to know why women don’t wear sexy lingerie even if it’s bought for them. The answer is simple: because it doesn’t fit her.

If she’s not there with you, there’s a good chance it won’t fit, doesn’t look right with what she’s got, or the fabric doesn’t suit her. One size doesn’t fit all in the bra department, and out of a dozen bras of the same size, only one fits properly.

If you want to see her in something saucy, take her with you to try them on.

Indulge in a Sensual Massage

Spoil her for no reason at all, except that she’s a woman. Take off just her shirt and feast your hands and eyes on her crown assets.

Use a variety of different touches on her breasts and nipples. Use just your fingertips. Press on them. Use a feather or a scarf. Don’t hurry, and don’t let her hurry you.

The nerve endings in women’s breasts change with arousal and skin contact, and different hormones and mood chemicals are released by touch, so what feels annoying or intense or too intimate one moment is going to feel very different in fifteen minutes. Enjoy exploring all of that.

Get Kinky

Experiment with something a little harder if she’s into it. Nipple torture can be exquisite. It ranges from mild to extreme, so you can work on building tolerance over time. If she’s experienced and kinky, she might want an intense session of nipple stimulation. Some lucky women can orgasm just from nipple torture!

There are lots of nipple clamps, suction devices, and ornamentation available at your local sex shop and online.

Use Your Mouth

I love to use my tongue, teeth, and mouth to tease her. I drive my partner wild by licking her breasts all over, and then sucking slowly on her nipples for a long time. I bite her gently, nibbling every part of her boob. I take her nipple into my mouth and twirl my tongue around it.

Trust me, you want to lavish her breasts with your tongue and saliva, bite her nipples, and take little breaks just long enough to say something sensual and hot.

You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

Let her try all the same things you’ve explored with her breasts, on you. There are a lot of nerve endings in your nipples and chest too. Good for you if you love having your nipples played with.

I love to tease and torture a man’s chest because it adds variety to the repertoire and gives me more to do during foreplay. Guys’ nipples turn me on. Let her experience you, or show you a new experience this way.

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