7 Best Places to Have Sex and Why

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to make sexual connections explode? Let’s take a look at some of the best places to have sex.

You can make memory magic by having sex in different locations.

The bedroom sexual situation in many modern relationships can get routine quickly, and to be honest, that’s damn near the death of any relationship in a certain way.

Sex isn’t everything BUT sex IS something when shared between two people—it puts that connection in a category that NO other relationship in life can compare to.

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Sex can also slide into repetition with the desire to have something regular. Just make sure that regularly occurring sex does not become just regular sex!

A very easy way to deal with sexual doldrums is to move outside the bedroom. You can try my ideas or use it for inspiration to engage in more adventurous sex with new hookups or your long-term lover.

Best Places to Have Sex

1. Sex in the Shower

If you haven’t already, you must discover the delicious, dripping joys of sex in the shower!

Of course, it requires some safety precautions so you and your partner don’t get hurt, but it doesn’t require enough to take the fun out of the experience. This isn’t like driving and fucking at the same time, ha ha.

Sex in the shower is a comfortable option because it’s still in the home, so it’s comfortable and private. You can even opt to not use the bathtub, and try different sex positions on the counter, or even use the toilet as a fuck bench.

You may have other things in your bathroom that enhance the sex that goes down in there. Don’t be shy about using it!

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2. Sex on a Beach

I have experienced sex on the beach multiple times and highly recommend it for those who already love being by the sea. With that I must also caution that your sex-on-the-beach wet dream can turn into a dry nightmare if proper precautions are not taken.

Sand can ruin the best of intimate intentions, so make sure to have yourself a big beach towel or two to lie on. Also apply sunscreen liberally, especially if you plan to be “exposed” for an extended period of time.

An important consideration will be what beach you choose to have sex on. A popular public or resort beach probably isn’t the best choice unless getting caught or arrested is your goal. Find somewhere private, or go to a beach in the middle of the night.

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The beach is one of the best places for sex. Woman straddling man on the sand.

3. Car Sex

I may have suggested that sex while driving is impossible BUT that doesn’t mean sex in a car is impossible! Like all outdoor sex, please make sure you are in a secluded location so the cops don’t ruin your fun.

Drive to an out-of-the-way parking lot or quiet backstreet. You know your neighborhoods best, and should safely test where you can pull over and “park and ride” for about ten to fifteen minutes before you drive away, smiling because you got away with it.

Sometimes you might want to fuck in a car for an hour or so, but I advise against it unless you’re in your own driveway or are absolutely certain you won’t be disturbed. Move around and experiment inside your little enclosed space—the challenge is half the fun.

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4. Underwater Sex

When I first had underwater sex, I felt like I earned one of Life’s Great Achievement medals.

I rowed with my girlfriend in a rowboat to the middle of a lake, jumped in with lifejackets on, and fucked the living hell out of each other while floating in the water! It took some treading, ab work, and coordination… but it was all worth it, just to have underwater sex.

There are a few other ways you could do it, like holding on to each other on the side of a swimming pool or in the shallow end, or sitting in a hot tub. Get thirsty and try other types of underwater sex in various pools of water you encounter in your travels. Make a splash!

5. Sex in the Kitchen

As long as the stove is off, you’re halfway there to having safe kitchen sex! Watch out for knives and forks, of course, but otherwise, the kitchen is a great place to fuck because there are all kinds hard surfaces to use as support or stability, as well as gadgets and gizmos for extra fun.

Experiment with different chair sex positions, make use of kitchen implements for sensation play, or to add in a role play. And don’t forget to check the fridge and pantry for sex food fun.

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6. Sex Under the Stars

This is the final boss level of sex outside: finding a private place when the sky is clear to fuck under the stars!

Sex under a blanket of stars is very romantic, very primal, and can be very peaceful too. Never rush things when what’s around you is unbelievably beautiful. Trust me, this is a memory you will have forever.

7. Sex in the Bedroom

Some people love bedroom sex, and there are plenty of reasons why it makes this list. Bedroom sex, after all, is where we have the most practice throughout our lives. The bedroom is where we feel most comfortable and secure which leads to dropping inhibitions and more exploration.

But if bedroom sex is your best place, don’t forget to shake it up with different sex positions, kinks and fetishes, role play, sex toys, threesomes—whatever turns you on.

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What is your best place to have sex? How often do you have sex outside the bedroom?

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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