How to Give Hickeys and Love Bites

Do women and men still give hickeys? Love bites that leave a mark?

Awww yeah, let’s get close and cute like we did in high school.

Next level sexual techniques are great to learn and eventually master… BUT there’s nothing like being a champion of the tried and true basics of intimacy, about the simple things that connect us to one another.

You can never be too good at opening lines, basic conversation, or knowing how to cross the chasm from friend to bedroom invitee.

Another thing that a person can never be too good at is KISSING.

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Once your kissing game is solid, you might want to experiment with hickeys and love bites!

What Is a Hickey?

A hickey is a reddish, wine-colored mark that is left from one person sucking or nibbling another’s skin. There’s raw passion trapped in every single soft or hard suction that you leave on your lover.

Hickeys and love bites are a sexy reminder of a past connection, leaving a temporary mark of the sexy fun you had the night or even days before. A love bite is more of a nibble, with flesh between teeth without piercing, though some kinky folks may not agree.

Hickeys and love bites are for those you feel ravenous about, those you want to ravish. There’s something very animalistic about giving hickeys and love bites. But at the same time, they can happen in a playful way that is reminiscent of one’s early sexual exploration.

Man giving a woman a hickey on her neck.

How to Give a Hickey

1. Practice on Your Own Arm

If you have no kissing or hickey experience—no confidence in your mouth techniques, and no one to practice with—then start on your forearm first!

Don’t drool or be all wet, don’t use too much tongue, just take it slow. Suck on your forearm slowly and firmly, feel it until it’s nice to the suck. Move around and mix it in with your kissing style. If you keep going, you can give yourself a hickey, see how long it takes and what kind of mark different techniques leave.

2. Ask Before You Make Your Mark

That’s the thing about hickeys, it’s a very intimate moment and leaving a mark on someone’s body is not to be pressed upon another.

It’s not always cool to do it if the other person doesn’t feel that close to you, or doesn’t want others to see such a sexual souvenir for one reason or another. Sucking on someone’s neck is usually fine, but if you want to leave a mark, it’s smart to ask them quickly before you start. Once you get a yes, go to town!

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3. Will the Hickey to Be Hidden or Visible?

It’s the practice of a wise kisser to strategically place their hickey somewhere that is sexy and also somewhat secret, except to you and your lover.

Occasionally, you can be bold and put it somewhere very obvious and blatant, to show some evidence of your animal magnetism together. But there are reasons why it’s smart to put it in a place that won’t be seen by everyone. Not all people can handle the heat!

Hickeys on the lower neck, chest, back, and places under clothes are the unspoken slick kisser’s first choice!

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4. Create a Seal with Your Mouth and Suck

This is the core technique of leaving a good dark hickey on your partner’s parts fastest.

You basically become a human vacuum and inhale with a strong desire to make a mark. Don’t move around too much, and make sure you apply good pressure. The best way to make sure you leave a hickey is to not have any open space between your mouth and whatever body part you’re sucking.

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5. Suck Harder or Longer for a Darker Hickey

Keep up the sucking action for a good five minutes or longer if you want to leave a dark purple or deep red hickey on someone’s body. How a hickey presents will depend on skin sensitivity and the skin color of the receiver.

Some hickeys look like bruises, and people are going to be emphatically saying, “NO! I wasn’t hurt by anyone” if their hickey is seen by someone who isn’t able to tell. Be careful with your hickey powers, and explore those powers one hickey at a time!

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6. Keep Your Teeth Out of It

If you’re giving a hickey, then focus on giving the hickey and do lots and lots of sucking. If you’re giving love bites, then focus on giving those firm body chomps between your kisses and light suction fun, because too much of these things at once can be unpleasant.

It’s best for a rookie to start off with one or the other technique and focus on doing it well. No teeth while giving hickeys!

7. Your Hickey Can Take Time to Develop

Don’t be surprised if you suck and suck and suck on someone’s neck for fifteen minutes, and you don’t see anything until later that night or possibly the next day when they wake to a huge purple mark on their neck or wherever it is you’ve blessed them.

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How Long Do Hickeys Last?

How long a hickey lasts depends on the force of suction, how long the suction takes place, and the sensitivity of one’s skin in the area the hickey is given.

Hickeys usually disappear in a few days if not a week. They are not painful, but you might be a bit sore from the pressure of the passion, but it’s a good type of soreness. I say be thankful you have someone who wants to ravish you with hickeys and love bites!

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How to Get Rid of a Hickey Faster

If you have to get rid of a hickey for some family event or work situation, you can try holding a cold cloth on the hickey, followed by a warm water compress. You can also try massaging the area gently with peppermint oil.

If these don’t work, apply foundation or concealer, liquid or powder, to the hickey. It won’t get rid of it, but it will hide it until it disappears naturally.

Do you like giving hickeys and love bites? Share your hickey tips and techniques!

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