Sex in the Great Outdoors

Often at the beginning of a relationship you don’t want to leave the bedroom, but now that summer is in full force it’s time to think about taking your sex outside the bedroom. This is also great for older relationships as it will help shake up your routine which is sometimes the problem when sex goes stale.

The act of removing your lover’s bra may seem tired and old, but get out in semi-public and all of a sudden it will feel super exciting – an instant passion renewal. Don’t bother planning your outdoor adventure, it’s the element of surprise that will arouse her.

It’s legal as long as no one sees you and it’s not in a public place – no parks or toilets. I have to admit, I’ve done it in both places when I was sure no one was near. I’ve always been fond of the men’s washroom and the back seat of a car. The threat of being caught is a major turn on!

You may think, who wants to get it on with the possibility of embarrassment, or worse – poison ivy (true story!) when you have a big soft bed available. But it’s the contrast of the two that adds flavor.

If it’s a rural escapade, late nights are better because there’s a lot of early risers in the country. And urban adventure is best late late at night when the streets are deserted.

Most of us don’t really want to be caught with our pants down. It’s just the idea of someone seeing us, especially if you’re somewhat of an exhibitionist. And don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be horizontal – a vertical pairing is easier to extricate oneself of if you’re stumbled upon. If it’s your first time, I’d suggest all the down and dirty foreplay out of doors, then making a B-line for home where you can finish things off.

Any suggestions for outdoor hookups?

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