Step-by-Step Erotic Massage

Hey guys! If you’re not already giving your lover erotic massages, it’s time to get started. This is my fave foreplay, and I guarantee she will enjoy, during and after.

A satisfying sexy massage isn’t something you want to rush. It’s the teasing and tantalizing that will have her begging for you to slip your already hard cock inside – isn’t that what every man wants?

You’ll want to create the scene ahead of time so you can begin without fussing, spoiling the mood. I prefer the bedroom, but you may have a fireplace and want to do it on the rug beside. Light candles, put on some sexy music (your girl’s favorite, not yours) and have aromatic oils burning. Turn the phone and TV off – you want her to know you are completely focused on her.

Have your massage oils warming in a nearby bowl of hot water. Water based oils are preferred as they don’t irritate the skin. You may want to try edible oils to lick off your lady. Yum!

Let’s get started. Here is a step-by-step guide to giving an arousing massage that will get you to the finish line. Feel free to improvise along the way.

1. Undress your lover and have her lie on a blanket. Strip yourself, so there will be skin-on-skin during the massage. Cover her lower half with a sheet to keep her warm and slide it as you work your way down her body.

2. Take your time and maintain contact with your partner as much as possible. Her anticipation and longing of what is to come (you and her!) is what you want.

3. Rub oil in your hands, warming it up. Slide both palms over her neck and shoulders and up and down her arms. Move your hands together, using your body for light pressure as you graze your chest against her back.

4. Begin to focus on her ass, what you’ve been waiting for. She’s likely hot and wet down there, but keep to the butt, for now. Spread her legs slightly so you can caress her inner thighs.

5. Roll her over and begin rubbing her breasts in slow smooth circular motions. Lick and suck her nipples alternately. We like hard nipples as much as you do. She may begin arching her back, yearning, but hang in there a little longer . . . in the meantime, dangle your hard shaft playfully against her pussy.

6. Raise one of her legs and place it against your shoulder. Softly knead the outer lips of her vagina as you skim her clitoris (you know where that is, right?) Let her reactions tell you how much is too much. Keep one hand there, moving the other back to her breasts.

7. When you think she can’t wait another minute, slide yourself inside her . . . a little in and out until you can’t wait to take the deepest plunge.

8. Turn her over onto her knees and go for the gold. Lift her back against your chest while holding onto her silky breasts. I’ll let you take things from here.

Guys: Any creative massage tips you can share? 

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