13 Weird and Crazy Sex Positions

Do you find yourself going back to the same old sex position time and again?

You’re not alone. Even the most sexually adventurous folks can find themselves in a sexual rut, having sex in one or two positions because they are easy or just instinctual.

Get ready to shake things up with one or more of these crazy sex positions. Use this list of positions for inspiration, adjusting and tweaking to make them work for you.

13 Weird Sex Positions for Crazy Sex

Are you ready to shake things up in the bedroom?

1. Wheelbarrow Position

This weird sex position takes a bit of arm strength to hold her, the wheelbarrow, up. With her palms on the floor and body facing the floor, grab her by the ankles and move your hands down up her towards her thighs, so you can shimming between her legs and pull her onto your dick.

She can bend her knees to grab and hold your waist with her legs. Your hands and hers planted on the ground can work to create an in-and-out rhythm.

If you are both able-bodied, forget going to the gym, just try this for a workout!

2. Viennese Oyster Position

This sex position requires more than just being able-bodied, but also a suppleness and flexibility.

The woman here will lie on her back and “froggy” her feet inward across her chest, but more often up and behind her head. The man lies forward on top, using his palms on each side of her for resistance.

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3. Standing 69 Position

The man will need to be quite strong to even attempt this and used to picking up his lover. He is best to begin lying back on the bed with legs over the edge and feet touching the floor. The woman will then get into the regular 69 sex position on top.

To know if you stand a chance in this position, the man will sit up while the woman will keep her legs wrapped around his neck tightly and her arms around his waist. He will use one hand to push himself up to standing and the other for balance.

The standing 69 position should be an Olympic sport, with honorable mentions for even attempting it!

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4. Squatting Amazon Position

The woman here will squat over her partner to slide his cock inside. Advantages to the squatting amazon sex position are that there is eye contact, the woman has control of penetration depth, and the man has access to her clitoris for extra stimulation. Also, no need to go to the gym for squats!

5. Lap Dance Position

You can forget the strip club when you can have your own lap-dance lover at home for this sexy, crazy sex position.

Play the music that makes your lover groove and have her shimmy over you in a seated position. She’s going to straddle you right there, on that chair, and climb upon your joystick to make some real music. Remember, no touching until she says so!

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6. Scissor Sex Position

For the less acrobatically inclined lovers out there, the scissor sex position allows for a little more comfort, on the bed or a deep couch.

You face each other and intertwine legs to find just the right fit for fucking. It’s good for grinding and foreplay humping too.

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7. Office Chair Doggy Position

If you love the risk of getting caught in the act, this crazy sex position is for you. Most women love doggy position for its depth of penetration, as well as its down-n-dirty feel.

This twist on the doggy classic finds her on her knees, holding onto the back of the office chair while you drop your drawers for some workplace thrusting. If it’s a chair on wheels, take your act down a nearby hallway after hours.

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8. Downward Dog Anal Sex Position

If you love yoga, include some spontaneous sex during your next practice. This wild and weird sex position has her in the downward dog yoga pose with hands and feet on floor, butt in the air… waiting for you.

Height differentials may be tricky, but they may also inspire the man to get into downward dog to experience his first anal strap-on experience.

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9. Spider Sex Position

This crazy sex position takes a bit of agility and may take some practice. Both lovers sit on the bed or floor with legs bent facing one another. The woman will drop her feet over your hips on each side of your torso. Partners can extend hands behind them for leverage or prop themselves on forearms with bent elbows.

Once you’re in the spider position, you can connect your genitals. You can both push yourselves forward for maximum pressure.

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10. Reverse Cowgirl Position

The reverse cowgirl is not the craziest sex position, but for those who have been stuck in missionary most of their lives it can be super exciting. Some dominant men have never let a woman ride them and are really missing out.

The woman will straddle you while you relax comfortably on your back, though she won’t be facing you. Here she can bounce up and down with a little help from you, leaning forward towards your feet. The cowgirl sex position is not as intimate in reverse, but for ass men, there is a lovely view of her rump.

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11. Spit Roast Threesome Sex Position

Do you fantasize about threesomes? Do you feel like the odd man out in MMF threesomes. In the spit roast sex position the woman is on all fours, with one man penetrating her from behind while the other kneels in front of her face for a blowjob, thus connecting and engaging all three.

With strap-ons and dildos, you can enjoy the threesome spit-roast position with any threesome gender configuration. Bon appetite!

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12. Car Back Seat Doggy Position

Sometimes taking your sex on the road is all you need to find yourself trying new crazy sex positions! Depending on the size of your car and you and your lover’s size, this can work for out-of-the-bedroom sex fun.

The woman will be on all fours for this primal position across the back seat of the car while you kneel behind to enter. Use the front seat headrests or back rests for grabbing onto with one hand and use your other to pull her closer.

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13. Butter Churner Sex Position

I’ve saved what I think is the weirdest sex position for last. The butter churner is the most physically challenging sex position.

The woman will lie on their back, with legs raised and crossed, her arms forward flat against the floor for traction. This can be done on the bed, but the bounce may be awkward and not particularly safe for anyone with neck or back pain.

The man squats over his contorted lover, pulling up on her legs while dipping down to penetrate. This can be an unusual angle for penetration and may take a bit of practice. Again, this is not going to be a comfortable position for most, so proceed with caution.

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With all weird and challenging sex positions, have fun and play safe!

What is the craziest sex position you have tried?

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