How to Master the Amazon Sex Position

Ready to try out the Amazon sex position?

The Amazon sex position puts a woman in charge. Because female domination is incredibly hot for many men, women, and nonbinary people, a woman in control is both physically and psychologically arousing and satisfying.

Whether woman on top is your favorite way to play or simply part of your repertoire of different positions and sexy explorations, the Amazon sex position is a great variation on the classic woman on top. It is more powerful for her and more submissive for him, and it feels great.

What Is the Amazon Sex Position?

The Amazon position involves the woman on top, either kneeling or squatting. The male is below, on his back.

The Amazon position is a variation on the classic cowgirl position because he pulls his knees up and back, the same way a woman often does when she is below. (This position is often used by a femdom for pegging a submissive male when she is wearing a strap-on. In this case, she sits on his penis.)

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She controls the depth of penetration and variations of strokes. He enjoys being dominated sexually, having his bottom up and vulnerable, and not thrusting but receiving her grinds. His cock will be in a different position than usual, bent down for her to slide onto, and she controls everything.

While the Amazon sex position is a female dominant position, it is still a face-to-face intimate position.

How to Do the Amazon Position

The woman on top, male submissive Amazon sex position is possible for all genders with a bit of imagination, sex toys, and role play.

Have the submissive partner on his back, then raise his legs and pull them back. Move his cock so that it is facing the ceiling.

The woman takes the dominant, controlling position of power on top, either with her knees on either side of his torso, or squatting down. She slides onto his cock and does all the grinding and thrusting.

This is called the Amazon position because, like the cowgirl, she does the riding. However, it can take a lot of physical skill and fitness if she is squatting, and thinking of the fact that the Amazon women were fierce soldiers on horseback, we get the idea!

For her, kneeling can work wonders to make the position more accessible to differently abled or less fit queens.

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Amazon Sex Position Tips

Use your imagination to work the Amazon position for nonbinary or transgender lovers, or two vulvas or two cocks. Since the reverse power dynamic and gender reversal are key to the Amazon myth, you can role play with gender bending. Not everyone is turned on by the domination and submission suggested by the Amazon myth and sex position, and you can enjoy this as a physical variation without the psychological aspect.

Use a strap-on dildo to penetrate vagina or ass if no one has a cock or doesn’t want to use it. The top can control the scene from anal penetration as well.

The Amazon riding also has free access to the clitoris, and she can play with herself, or her partner from beneath can stimulate her clit.

If the Amazon rider finds it tricky to balance or ride by squatting, she can support herself with any available walls or on his chest, or lean forward and use a headboard.

Variations of the Amazon Position

1. Squatting Amazon Position

The squatting Amazon sex position is the horse rider scenario. While the top is squatting, she also balances and bounces on his hips.

2. Kneeling Amazon Position

The kneeling Amazon sex position uses the basic premise of the position, but she kneels with her legs on either side of his upturned hips. This is easier for many people.

3. Half and Half Amazon Position

The half and half Amazon position is when the person on top uses one leg in the squatting position and one in kneeling. This is quite intimate and has a kind or undulating rhythmic quality to it. This Amazon position variation also allows someone who has a bad knee from illness or injury to experience the thrill.

4. Reverse Amazon Position

The reverse Amazon is similar to the reverse cowgirl, but his knees are kept up and back so the top partner lowers her pussy onto him. (This one works wonders for two pussies—for grinding, or for one with a strap-on.)

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Why is it Called the Amazon Position?

Curious about where the Amazon sex position gets it’s name?

The Amazon sex position is named after the Amazons, of course. Not the lickety-split delivery service that brings books, office supplies, and dildos to your door the next day, but the mythic warrior queens at the edge of the world!

The Amazons were women warriors in Greek mythology, showing up in numerous ancient tales, epics, and love poems from the Iliad to the Labors of Hercules. These fierce females were incredible hunters, skilled with horses, and ferocious in battle. They were known for excellence at archery, physical agility and strength, and military prowess. They only raised daughters, and either killed male children or returned them to their fathers. They mingled with men only on the battlefield, or to satisfy their sexual desires.

While the Amazon queen warriors are mythological, it is more than likely that their stories were inspired by actual female warriors. Archeological discoveries have unearthed female soldier burial sites of horse riding cultures around the Eurasian Steppes, such as the Scythians, known for goldwork and for ferocious battle. A recent 2019 find included multiple generations of female warriors, armed, in gold head-dresses.

Powerful indeed, just like the sex position.

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Have you and your partner tried the Amazon position?

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