Have Sex Standing Up: 5 Standing Sex Positions

Why have standing sex? For a variety of passionate, creative, energetic and life-affirming reasons, that’s why!

Having sex standing up is a serious expression of romantic desire, taking things back to the old school of deep kisses in dimly lit alleyways and ravenous scenes of reckless abandon where clothes get ripped off before anyone can make it to the bedroom!

These can be YOUR memories and YOUR fantasies come to life too, as long as you know how to execute the maneuvers without hurting yourself.

Having sex standing up is very possible, but it requires some adjusting and aligning to get it right. No matter the size differential between people fucking, there is a stand-up position for you!

5 Standing Sex Positions to Try

Standing while fucking requires real stamina and coordination, so please be responsible. This isn’t the most simple sex to have, but there are many benefits that all the sex in a bed cannot provide. So, with intelligence and awareness, let’s fuck standing up!

1. Against the Wall

This is the most basic standing sex position, but still very sexy. It is also probably best attempted via rear entry, as the vulva/ass can be presented quite openly while standing up and slightly bent forward.

A person can position their feet behind the person facing the wall with ass pushed back, and then insert themselves quite ruggedly from that alignment.

Hands can grab each other easily while pushing up against a wall. Deep thrusting can also happen when one is fucking another directly from behind, and there is total frontal support. Slam hard!

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couple having sex standing up.

2. Standing Sex Over a Chair or Table

Standing sex while someone is bent over a table or chair is hot as hell, and it’s fairly easy to do. The receiver just bends over a table at waist level, so they can expose their hind parts to the wind and the elements while the giver provides the rear fucking so lustfully desired.

The person being fucked can also use their hands to grab the seat of a chair instead and rest and/or gain traction, with feet firmly planted, to push back harder into the person behind.

The chair is a great support to use for standing sex, and can be used to transition into straddle-sitting sex! Get creative, move around.

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3. Standing Sex In the Shower

I loves me some standing sex in the shower… but I loves doing it SAFELY. It can get slippery as heck in there, and falling on your face is the last thing you want to do while in the middle of thrusting into paradise.

So, if you have a shower bar on the wall: USE IT. Grip it, and hold yourself up while the person fucking holds on to you, and/or the bar too.

If you don’t have a shower bar, hopefully you have a shower mat that you both can stand on while you maybe hold the shower curtain bar or have a hand on the wall. I know people who have broken bones from shower sex, so be smart and have a base foundation before you go to Fucktown.

Having the water running while you set up helps so when you are steady, and the other person is steady too, you can slowly but surely slide against and into each other.

Take your time getting dirty before you get clean… that’s how I do.

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Couple having standing sex in the shower.

4. In the Door Frame

This is that classic movie sex scene where you can’t even wait to get to the bed, so you fuck in the doorway.

There’s something arresting about holding someone in a door frame, and having your way with them right there. It’s halfway between rooms, and it’s just a hot old school scenario for sex to unfold in. The frame is there to be gripped for leverage or friction.

Door frames often have various attachments available around them to use for holding, firming, hooking, grasping, even rubbing and scratching if you care to go the extra mile! Or do it in the door frame to your apartment if being seen is your scene!

5. The Flying Angel

This standing sex position is NOT for the faint of heart, the drunken lout, the unbalanced couple, or the frivolous fuck moment.

The Flying Angel is THEE Rolls-Royce of standing sex positions, and I can only recommend it to those who are FULLY committed to the move, and present with one another and who trust each other with their entire body.

The best way to start is to have her straddle you face to face on a chair or to be on the bottom in missionary position, wrapping her arms and legs around you.

Either way, it’s best to help secure this heavenly position by having the person being fucked grab the other person around their neck. Then the person who is doing the fucking can STAND UP SLOWLY while STILL INSIDE the other person, with their legs wrapped around the waist with chests tight together.

The person standing can bounce up and down and start the rhythmic foundation that can get the person being fucked to take penetration fully!

The Flying Angel can be a dream-come-true fuck position, but it requires real thigh strength from the person fucking, as well as the ability to carry someone’s full body weight for at least 30 seconds, if not longer. It also takes balance and coordination or it will fall apart, hopefully onto the bed where you can keep going!

Trust me, the Flying Angel is a bucket-list sex position, and if you want to fuck standing up, this is one I most highly recommend trying with just the right partner to match your outstanding passion!

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What standing sex position is your favorite? What tips can you share?

All the best,
Adhimu “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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