5 Sex Positions that Work in a Chair

Having chair sex is fun, depending on your endurance, your sense of adventure, and your sense of balance!

Get ready for some exciting chair sex positions, and a few tips to make your chair sex experience comfortable and safe.

Beginner Tips for Sex in a Chair

It should be common knowledge by now that there are Sex 101 Positions, and there are Advanced Level Positions. You can’t just haphazardly try to do the Flying Angel position out of nowhere if your arms and legs are not in sufficient shape to hold someone in the air, and fuck them with thrusting hips while holding them by the bum cheeks!

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We don’t want you to damage yourself while exploring new things like sex in a chair or fucking on furniture you’ve never utilized for banging. The smartest thing to do is to test the chair to find out if it can handle the weight of TWO adults before you fuck on it.

Have fun and play fuck on the chair, with clothes on, no penetration. If you can rock and roll around on the chair pretend fucking for five minutes and you don’t smash the thing to pieces, then it should suffice.

Use something with at least four legs or a solid base, something very sturdy. Avoid accidents on artsy furniture. Keep drinks away from the proceedings, as well as candles and fans. Err on the side of caution when fucking on all furniture!

5 Chair Sex Positions to Try

1. Kitchen Chair Straddle

Have the Top sit in the chair normally with their back against the vertical backing of the chair, while naked of course, with their erection or strap-on accessible between their legs. Then have the Bottom face the top, and wrap their legs around the Top’s left and right side, then slide right into penetration. The Bottom will hopefully have their feet touching the ground for friction and bouncing.

Now the Top can pogo around on them all day, plus kiss their face and grab their shoulders if they want to interact like so… have a blast!

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2. Desk Chair Doggy

Sex positions in a chair can be easy or they can be variations of what you do in bed. Have the Bottom kneel on the chair with their ass facing away from the back support of the chair that they are holding onto or wrapping their arms around. They can lean over and push their ass out, presenting access to the Top, who can then bang away all they want with a nice open exposed area to satisfy!

Wheels on a chair that spin can either be challenging or add a little extra push and pull to the position.

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3. Kitchen Chair Cuddlefuck

Both people put one foot on the floor (same foot, left or right), and both put their other foot on the chair. Both of you face the back of the chair, and both of you use each other for support. The Bottom goes in front, and grabs the chair back for support, and the Top comes in from behind, and holds the Bottom’s shoulders whilst entering them from a nice upward-thrusting angle, with one leg up.

This one requires real balance, but can get super juicy. Might even cause some squirting, if you hit the right spot! Go nuts.

4. Sofa Floor Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow sex position is a hardcore classic, but for people who love to fuck, it’s a great option. All the Bottom has to do is lay their back on the cushion of the chair, and arrange themselves where their waist is still accessible, while laying on the chair like its a bed. Could be kind of awkward, but it depends on the size of the chair, and softness of the cushion, ha.

The Top grabs the Bottom’s hips and bulldozes their way into Happyland! It may require the Top to be on their knees or cushions stacked under the Bottom for the right insertion angle. Enjoy the raw passion that comes from challenging positions!

5. Sofa End Bendover

This position is for a couch with two arms on the ends. The Bottom gently but firmly bends over one arm of the couch, face down ass up, while the Top stands behind with their hands on the Bottom’s hips, both feet facing forward towards the sofa, and ready to give and take the good times to celebrate!

Some hard smashing and butt slapping can happen here if you’re both into that and have discussed boundaries. Still, it can get deep! So go for it, heh heh. Just remember not too deep. Ease in with control, slide nice and sexy and be smooth with the touch, especially if you can’t see their face and reactions.

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So standing ovation for all the chair sex positions presented. Now take a seat, and do what your body tells you!

What are your favorite sex positions in a chair?

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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