69 Sex Position Definition and Variations

The only thing hotter than oral sex itself is giving and receiving oral at the same time in the 69 sex position.

What Is the 69 Position?

The 69 sex position involves two lovers, one on top, with knees straddling their lover’s head and leaning forward down towards their lover’s pussy or cock. Both partners’ mouths are close to the other’s genitals in order that both people can give and receive oral sex simultaneously. It’s glorious!

You see the 69 position in every kind of porn, from group sex scenes to transgender hookups to amateur couples to role play scenarios. It’s everywhere because it’s incredibly hot and sexy.

How to 69

Classic 69 Position

You can 69 from the top or bottom. I find both positions have their advantages.

In the classic 69, the woman is on top. She can lower her pussy up and down at a rhythm she desires while bobbing her mouth up and down and all around your cock.

If you are on the bottom, what’s coming down on your face isn’t up to you unless you are directing. And you are likely grabbing her ass too, because you can. Being below also means it takes a bit of energy to thrust upward.

Side 69 Position

If you are someone who already likes side-position spooning sex for the variety or the comfort, try the 69 position on your side.

Imagine the classic position but tipped on its side, with both partners lying sideways facing the other’s genitals.

Sometimes a pillow can help for best angling and to prevent sore necks. This is the more comfortable and cozy variation of the 69 sex position.

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8 Variations of the 69 Sex Position

1. Reverse 69

The reverse 69 has the man taking top position which can feel a bit rougher and suit someone who likes to dominate. In this position, you can deep throat or satisfy a gagging kink.

Comfort is also a factor for 69ing, for example, the heavier person may prefer lying below whereas a more agile or able partner can kneel above with more ease for an extended period of time.

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2. Swinging and Standing 69

In this variation of the 69 position you have the woman lying on a swing with her head at one edge positioned between the man’s thighs. He bends forward with her arms wrapped around his back for stability.

If you have a sex swing by all means try this for fun, but it’s not the most comfortable. You could also attempt something similar on a high bed.

3. Analingus 69

The 69 position is mentally challenging. You’re not just lying back, basking in the glow of someone going down on you. You have to focus on pleasing all the while your genitals are throbbing and your mind and body are about to explode.

If that’s not enough or you want a little more intensity on top of all that, add anal play or analingus to the mix.

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The “bottom” can slide a lubed-up vibrating dildo up their lover’s ass. BUT, they may get so fucked that they forget what they’re doing! Too much to handle? Try inserting a butt plug.

4. 69 with Penetration

You don’t have to be into anal sex or ass play to enjoy sex toys while in the 69 sex position. They can be genital-only dildos, vibrators, clamps, feathers, warming lubes, wax, ice cubes.

Adding sensations is always fun, but it can also add penetration to the mix, so there is no rush to get out of the 69 position if that’s what one or both of you finds yourselves craving… and you will!

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5. 69 Facesitting

If you love the idea of being smothered by a woman’s pussy, 69ing is perfect. You get into the classic 69 position, with you on bottom to allow your femdom to sit right on your face.

On top, she can rub and push her pussy down on your face for long periods of time. Just make sure to pinch her bottom when you need to take a breath!

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6. 69 for Threesomes

If group sex is your thing, you may have already explored the 69 position in a threesome. If not, picture three bodies lying sideways towards one another, creating a triangle formation, with each person’s mouth on the next person’s genitals.

69 in a threesome may not have quite as much intimacy, simply because there are more than two, but it involves all three partners in oral at the same time which means no one is being left out.

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7. 69 with Simultaneous Orgasms

This is certainly one of the highlights for 69 position aficionados. We often aim to simultaneously orgasm with our lovers. It’s all about rhythm and being fully present and in tune with your lover’s body language.

You don’t always have to come together in the 69, but it’s a fun challenge!

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There are other variations, like standing which is near impossible for most mortals, but never say never.

Do you enjoy or fantasize about the 69 sex position? What’s your fave 69 variation?

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