5 Best Anal Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure

If you’re an ass man, you love it when anal sex is on the menu.

Many women love anal play too, for the same reasons you do: it’s hot, dirty, and a little taboo.

We also love the different sensations we experience with anal penetration or play. There’s a sense of fullness that is different from vaginal penetration. There are all kinds of different nerves and that gives us a variety of stimulation to enjoy. We also get off on how horny it makes YOU if we agree to a good ass fucking!

You may have noticed that anal sex is not always on that menu and wish it wasn’t as rare as it is. Or you noticed that it’s something she asks for when she’s more amped up than usual. Maybe a date told you she loves anal, but prefers to know you better—she doesn’t give up her ass to casual hookups.

None of this means women don’t enjoy it. We do. But it’s true that there are unique circumstances and concerns to consider. The more you can understand where she is coming from, the more you can be the kind of guy that chicks want inside their butts.

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Anal sex is incredibly intimate and a little embarrassing. If you come off as squeamish about germs or fluids, she may not feel comfortable taking you in the back door. She also wants to trust you because anal sex can be painful if it isn’t patient. So many women engage in butt play with partners they feel know the ropes.

The most essential thing, however, is arousal. We want anal sex when we are so horny we need “more.” Even if a woman seems incredibly aroused during sex, there is always a step even higher. We can have sex when only mildly turned on, and it gets really great if we are more aroused. After that, there is another level of arousal altogether.

When she’s so desperately horny that she barely feels satisfied, that’s when she wants you to take her every hole. So don’t expect anal during a quickie, or when you’ve just met for a casual hookup, or when she’s a little warmed up but not full throttle.

When she’s in the mood for butt love, here are some awesome anal sex positions to try with different his and hers benefits for each one.

5 Best Positions for Anal Sex

1. Doggy Style

With her on hands and knees, ass in the air, and you kneeling behind her, nature can take its course. It’s naturally popular for anal because everything lines up.

Benefits for you are obvious: you get to enjoy the full details of the penetration close up. And she can leverage her hips, pushing back or drawing away, as she needs to. Doggy can feel wild and steamy for both lovers. With no face-to-face interaction, it can feel more comfortable for casual sex, if gazing into each other’s eyes feels too intimate.

She might not feel relaxed enough to take you in this anal sex position for long, but if she supports herself on a pillow, she’ll be comfortable for the long haul.

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2. Odalisque from Behind

Famous paintings of naked women lying on their sides were often called “odalisques.” Many couples forget the side option because it is less obvious than top or bottom, and can be harder to access the vagina. But her butt hole is positioned perfectly for entry from on her side. If she lays on her side on the bed, you stand behind her and have easy access.

This is a perfect position for anal for both of you. The penetration is more shallow than doggy so women who find anal a bit painful may be more comfortable here. And if your cock is too big for her comfort, this position can save the day.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Her straddling you backwards looks hot in the movies but doesn’t always work for your dick—reverse cowgirl for the front door can make it feel like your cock is bending the wrong way.

But it lines up perfectly with anal. It lets you relax, which is seldom the case for anal sex, so it’s nice to switch it up this way. It’s also really good for her—she can easily control the depth of penetration and the strokes, and it’s easy for her to use her hands to stimulate her clit.

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4. Downward Facing Dog

Doggy style standing might sound like something for young athletes, but in fact it’s wonderful for all ages. Standing sex can be a solution if kneeling is painful for various limitations like arthritis, so it’s not just good for those who are young or spry!

The yoga position of downward facing dog is basically standing with legs apart, folding at the torso, and hands on floor. If she’s flexible enough, this anal sex position is supported by her hands while you stand behind her. It’s even easier to support her on a window sill or a firm chair.

5. Deep and Wide

This is my favorite anal sex position. She’s on her back, legs in the air and back towards her face, and you kneel between her thighs. She can relax completely and give you full access, and she’ll feel so full from the deep penetration. I love being fucked in the pussy first, and then taking it up a notch as I throw my legs back and let you in the back door (never go ass to vagina, obviously, because of the bacteria.)

This is face-to-face, intimate, and abandoned. She can play with her clit. It really doesn’t get any better, unless you engage in double penetration with a dildo while all this is going on.

Did I miss a position for anal sex that you love? Please share it in the comments!

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