How to Have Car Sex: 8 Positions

Do you want to try some park-and-play car sex with your new lover? Not sure which position is best for car sex?

Many people have their first sexual experiences in a car because it’s one of the few places to fool around where parents aren’t close by. This is why having car sex can be so fun—it’s nostalgic and has the public sex hotness added.

Some people get off on the threat of being seen having sex in public, or they secretly want to be seen because they have an exhibitionist streak in them.

Let’s explore car sex positions, and some ideas on the best places to have car sex.

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Best Car Sex Positions

Car sex isn’t always easy because of limited space, but it’s worth it. Here are some positions to try.

1. Side Spoon

One big factor when determining which car sex position is right for you is comfortability. This is one of the most cozy for a couple to try.

Simply use the back seat with the man’s back against the seats in order to spoon her from behind. You can slide your cock in without too much undressing too. Half-dressed sex is always hot. Depending on height, you can also be facing one another if you want a more intimate position.

2. Woman Kneeling on Top

It’s never not hot to have your lover straddle you to sit on your joystick. This can be done in the front (passenger side is best without the steering wheel in the way), but is more discreet in the back if you are worried about getting caught.

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3. Bent Over into the Car

Who says car sex has to be done with the doors closed. This position is hot because it’s showy and dangerous, and with the right height differential, you can get deep penetration.

Pull off onto that country side road and have her stand outside the car bent over onto a seat with the door open. You’ll get a beautiful view of her backside while you lift her skirt and pull her towards your hungry cock.

4. On Her Back with Feet on Frame

This position has her lying away from the door with her ass at the seat’s edge and her toes up and gripping the top edge of the door frame. It’s another spectacular view, with you pulling her hips towards you.

This is akin to kitchen counter top sex and will work depending on your height and the car/truck’s height. Give it a shot.

5. Back Seat Doggy

Doggy style position can travel most anywhere and while you’re behind her you can keep an eye on prying eyes if need be. It’s comfortable and hot as hell to do this in the back seat, making the car shake side to side.

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6. Driver’s Delight

We can’t leave out this fantasy that men have of getting a blowjob or handjob while driving. I can’t say I haven’t cupped my man’s balls or stroked his cock outside his jeans, but it’s a fairly dangerous proposition to go all the way while someone is driving.

Best to tease the prospect but pull over and finish it off where there’s no risk of a car accident!

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7. Flatbed Fucking

It’s not going to be comfortable having sex in the back of a pickup truck without some pillows or blankets, so be prepared. But there’s nothing like fucking in the great wide open under the stars. There’s even room for a threesome if that’s your jam.

8. Reverse Cowgirl

This car sex position has you leaning comfortably in the backseat with the front seat pushed forward, so that when she is straddling you facing away, she can use that seat as leverage to grind her pussy onto and into you.

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5 Best Places to Have Car Sex

1. Drive-In

There’s definitely not as many drive-in theaters as there once was, but these babies were made for cozy canoodling and sexy romps from the beginning. Your in your car, and sure there’s a movie playing, but when a hot babe is beside you, you’ve gotta go for it.

2. Country Side Road

For privacy, a deserted back road is perfect for car sex fun. You don’t even have to go all the way. You may just want to park by the cornfield for a quick oral exchange. Or engage in some mutual masturbation to keep you going for the long drive home.

3. Underground Parking Lot

A lot of dates end here expecting or hoping for a kiss goodnight, but why stop there. Maybe your place is a pigsty or your roommate is home. Put on some sexy tunes and make out. Get creative with car sex positions that work for your bodies and the body of your car.

4. Camping

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Not everyone finds fucking in a tent comfortable. You may have a camper or RV that gives you all the room you need, maybe even for stand-up sex. When the next camping deluge happens, don’t just sit in the car waiting for the rain to stop… get busy!

5. At the Beach

If you’re minutes from the sand, why not roll up the windows, get hot and steamy, before going for a skinny dip in the ocean. The hot-cold temperature change feels so good. And you may even want to go for round two when you dry off.

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Car Sex Tips

Because there is the issue of comfortability, car sex usually isn’t a first choice. But it may be your only choice if you want a small modicum of privacy, and there’s no where else you can think to do it.

I’m going to recommend car sex when your car or truck isn’t running. It’s just too dangerous to risk your lives and others. Make sure your car is in park and turned off—no one wants to roll down the hill and be found buck naked by a concerned citizen.

Calculate the risk reward of car sex as far as public lewdness laws in your area apply. Imagine being arrested because you wanted a cheap thrill? Not worth it in some parts of the world.

Because car sex is sometimes spontaneous and needs to happen quick because of the fear of getting caught, you’ll probably want to keep some lube, condoms, and tissues in your glove compartment. These will all come in handy if car sex happens, and it will with an adventurous lover!

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Are you down for car sex? Already had car sex? Dare to share.

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