Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

Satisfy your date with a varied repertoire of sex positions. There’s no need for unrealistic acrobatics—just a little imagination and slight changes to the style of entry, thrust, and pace.

Be aware of the positions for deep penetration when she begs you to go “deeper!”

Mission Accomplished

Don’t call it the missionary position, when it’s really the mission accomplished position.

You know the drill—her on her back, you kneeling between her thighs. Get in there even deeper by putting a few pillows under her ass, or by her spreading her legs as wide as possible.

This position is great for keeping her hands free to play with her clit—and you can too. You can also place your hands on her body or beside her to get even more thrusting leverage.

Downward-Facing Dog

She knew those yoga classes would come in handy! Have her stand with legs spread hips width apart, and her hands planted on the floor in front of her. If she can hold this pose for a few minutes or more, with you standing straight behind her, you can easily enter her from behind for an even deeper doggie position.

Reverse Cowboy

Guys love being straddled by a babe ready to ride. If she turns around, he gets a full view of her ass and pussy while she rotates and wriggles—absolute heaven.

The reverse cowboy isn’t something that you see very often, not even in porn. I’m not sure why this is. It’s only slightly tricky—once you get the hang of the unusual angle, it’s easy-rider time.

You don’t thrust hard to get deep, and you won’t want to—your dick will be fully stimulated and feel like it’s further inside her than it’s ever been, simply because of the crazy angle. It’s not for rough sex, but for that super intimate and deep closeness, even though you’re facing away from each other.

Love Seat

Girl on top is great for deep penetration, and it works well for her because she can control the direction and angle of the ride. Pushing down onto you with her whole weight takes you all the way in.

Sometimes perching against a mattress means she’s got less leverage for the rock and roll. But she can use her legs, thighs, and hips to give it all she’s got if she straddles you while you’re sitting in a sturdy and simple chair. Feet on the floor and hands on the back of the chair. Your hands are free to play with her pussy while you watch it work on your cock.

Scissor Sister

Yes, you know those scissoring positions from watching incredible hot porn scenes of women rubbing their pussies together. The very word “scissors” in sex conjures up steamy ffm threesome.

Coming at her from a side angle can work for you too. She can support her back with pillows, or use a sofa, lifting one leg up from her side. You slide in. The slight twist of her body being on its side rather than stomach or back creates a deep path for your cock.

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