Popular Sex Positions: Pros and Cons for Women

The best position for sex is a blend of the three most popular positions—man on top, woman on top, and doggie style. Countless variations spring from these three classics. Mixing it up gives you both the multiple benefits from different positions, and nullifies the cons with variety.

You know what works for you, and why. But what are the pros and cons of each sex position for women?

Sex Position Pros and Cons for Women

Doggie Style: Pros

“Doggie style is porn sex,” according to my friend Lissa. “I love that pure, natural, animal lust.”

In addition to getting super aroused by how horny doggie makes YOU—what with that view and all—it’s quite comfortable for a while to be on all fours. Penetration is deepest, which lets us make the most of your cock whatever its size. I personally like things a bit kinky or rough, so the fact that you can easily pull my hair, slap my ass cheeks, or grope my titties is extra hot for me.

Doggie Style: Cons

On the other hand, there’s no kissing or looking into your eyes. So even if we love doggie style, it gets pretty mundane and impersonal if you never want to fuck face to face.

Guys can be too rough, making sex painful if you are selfish or have a huge cock.

It’s hard for most women to orgasm this way, so make sure she comes first on top and then get behind her for your turn. You can also use your free hands to rub her clit.

Girl on Top: Pros

This position has it all. It’s lusty and wild, but intimate at the same time. You can kiss each other and get really close, but she can also turn her back to your face and let you see the action from behind. She gets to control the pace and her clitoris is accessible to your hands AND hers. If she loves to have her breasts touched all you have to do is reach up. The penetration can be quite deep too—it’s up to her.

It’s also egalitarian. A woman likes to take command as much as she likes to submit to your seduction. Including woman-on-top positions with doggie or man on top makes things even out nicely.

Girl on Top: Cons

There’s not many. A woman can get tired if she’s always on top, but there are so many ways to modify the position to work for her.

My friend Marie admits she can’t come on top, even with free hands, because she got so used to masturbating on her back. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the position—it’s her favorite.

Missionary Position: Pros

You might be surprised to hear that for many women, this supposedly “boring” or “sexist” position is the most fulfilling.

Jennifer says, “There’s simply nothing like the feeling of a man on top of me, entering me and pushing my legs open wide.” She says she can only experience the weight of him in this position, and that’s important to feeling the full connection.

Being able to kiss and touch while connecting at the genitals adds to the thrill.

It’s easy for us too, but that doesn’t mean we’re just lying on our back and thinking of England. I’m usually grabbing onto your biceps, spreading my legs as wide as I can, or pushing my hips to meet you.

If you’re kneeling, we can see your chest and arms, as well as your dick penetrating us. And we can rub our clits.

Missionary Position: Cons

If that’s all a guy ever wants, it can get boring. But I’ve never been with someone like that.

What sex position does your lover love? Please share in the comments!

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