5 Cowgirl Sex Positions to Try

Woman-on-top sex positions are everybody’s favorite. You love to see her body and watch her taking control. She loves the power and freedom, and might find it easier to orgasm since she sets the pace.

Here are five fun cowgirl positions we love that you can incorporate into your hookups or even group-sex encounters.

5 Positions for Woman-on-Top Sex

1. Classic Cowgirl

No bells and whistles, just good old-fashioned fucking. You’re on your back, and she straddles you like a cowgirl. This classic woman-on-top position is amazing for kissing, for you seeing her titties jiggling all over, and being able to grope her. It can be super intense looking straight into each other’s eyes. Her hand is free to stimulate her clitoris—and so is yours.

2. Cowgirl Squat

Instead of straddling you from a kneeling position, she squats on top of you and lowers her pussy onto your shaft.

Most people can enjoy the cowgirl squat as a variant during lovemaking. While she’ll need thighs of steel for a long haul, it’s a fun position for anyone, for a while. She gets deep penetration from this position, and with the woman on top you get to see the action spread out in front of you.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

This reverse cowgirl position is terrific for ass men. She can shake or twerk that booty for your thrill, and if she’s into anal pleasure, you can double her thrill by penetrating her ass with your fingers. If she doesn’t want anything in her ass, it’s still a great way for you to get your fill of butt. And for many women, the change in angle from taking you backwards can be really stimulating.

4. Cowgirl in a Chair

If you’re sitting on a sturdy chair, she can really ride you. This cowgirl position is amazing and too often overlooked—it might seem “advanced” until you get there. The fact that she can ride with her feet flat on the floor gives her great leverage for thrusting and swiveling, so this position is the perfect solution for many who find woman-on-top doesn’t quite work for her, whether it’s a mobility issue or sore knees.

She can also hold onto the back of the chair and control her motions even more. It’s a great position for kinky role plays, or for watching her do a striptease first before giving you the ultimate lap dance.

5. Side-Saddle Cowgirl

You’re on your back, with one knee bent and your foot flat on the floor or bed. She straddles your bent thigh, facing away from you, slides down your leg onto your cock. You get to see her ass in motion, and she gets to press her pussy against your thigh while fucking you which gives her clit a lot of friction.

Cowgirl Position Tips for Maximum Pleasure

Having your lady climb on top is already great for so many reasons. She can have more control over the speed and direction of penetration, and you can relax and just enjoy the ride, but there are more ways to make your experience even better! She might not want to fuck you any other way once the two of you try out these simple cowgirl position tips.

Suck Her Nipples

You’ve probably already tried the whole hands on her breasts thing. I mean, they’re right there for the squeezing, but have you also tried nibbling  and sucking on her nipples? Put your hands on her back and gently pull her forward until her nipples meet your lips. Not only will this heighten her arousal, it will create a new angle, allowing your cock to hit her super sensitive clit.

You can also prop yourself up to more of a seated position. This will allow you to reach her breasts as she takes you deeply into her hot, wet pussy.

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Use a Vibe to Stimulate Her Clit

Having your partner on top gives you easy access to her clit, so why not take advantage of it by working in a little vibrator action? You could try a vibrating cock ring, which has the added benefit of prolonging your erection, or simply use a handheld vibe of your lady’s choice. Chances are she has her own and can use it with expert precision.

She might want to do the deed herself or hand the reins over to you for some sweet elements of surprise. Just be aware of the sensitivity factor. Vibes can deliver a pretty intense sensation, which might be too strong for prolonged clit action. If your partner seems to be jumping out of her skin, back off a bit, or maybe try a slightly higher position, around the clitoral hood.

Grab Her Hips and Ass

This is fairly basic technique. All you need to do is help guide your partner’s movements by grasping at her hips and/or ass. Aside from enhancing your own experience, this action will really convey the passion you’re feeling in the moment, and will make your girlfriend feel super hot and desired. Just don’t hold her to you against her will. If she wants to shift her position or disengage, let go of her right away.

Try the Waterfall Position

The what?! You ask. The waterfall position is something I came across in my research into new and exciting things to do in the sack. Essentially it requires that you, the man, lie with your hips and legs on the bed while the rest of you drapes over the edge and onto the floor, just like a (wait for it) waterfall.

Once you’ve positioned yourself, your partner climbs on top and impales herself with your massive erection. I say “impale” because according to the masters of sex, your cock would be so deep inside her at this point that you might need to pitch a tent and build a fire. You’d obviously want to exercise caution with this one. Don’t try it if you’re not super flexible, have a bad back or neck issues. Also be sure you’re in a comfortable enough place that you’re not going to fall off the bed and hurt yourselves.

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Tell us the woman-on-top position that you fantasize about?

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