Sexy Foods for the Bedroom

Are things a little stale in the bedroom? Freshen things up without having to leave the house or put too much effort in. The kitchen is a treasure trove full of possibilities. Surely you’ve tried whip cream and strawberries, so let’s get a little more creative…

Breath mints
Suck on one of these before going down on your gal, and for a little more intensity you can rub it against her clitoris, yow! I’ve used toothpaste on a man’s cock, and it was definitely a surprise.

Who can resist chocolate? Pick your favorite (mint, dark, or milk) because you’ll be licking it off your lover’s naked body. Yum! Melt the sweet stuff before drizzling it up and down her erogenous zones, or try using a brush to paint strokes of chocolate on her.

Lower inhibitions with a glass or two beforehand, but save a little for the bedroom. The icy cold bubbles will stimulate and arouse when sprinkled on her skin. Another tasty treat for you to lick off her belly, nippes, and thighs.

A sweet sensous sticky delight that requires a little extra work to remove. If you’re up for the task, drizzle sparingly over her warm already wet pussy and have at it.

Take turns drinking hot water before getting into the 69 position. It feels good, trust me! Switch it up by sucking an ice cube before circling her nipples with your tongue. And on a hot night, nothing feels better than ice melting across one’s body.

Frozen Fruit
Rub a slice of frozen melon over her, leaving a sweet scent that will taste good when you kiss her up and down. She’ll also enjoy being fed by her lover. Sweet, cold, and delicious!

Cucumbers, carrots, and zucchinis! I always look at them with possibilities when at the grocery store, you should too! I don’t think I have to tell you what or how to use these garden wonders, just remember to wash well before and take care not to break anything off while experimenting – no one wants an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

What’s your favorite sexy food to bring into the bedroom?

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