Best Sex Positions for Plus-Size People

Learn about the best plus-size sex positions and tips for sex with larger lovers.

Maybe your current partner is on the chubby side, and you’re wondering what will work best. Maybe you’re interested in plus-size sex positions because you are plus size and want better sex for yourself and your partners.

There are lots of plus-size sex positions and ways to have great sex if one or more of you are plus size. Experiment with different sex positions and plus-size sex tips to find what feels best for you and your partners.

8 Positions for Plus-Size Sex

1. The Counter Intuitive

If she is plus size, sitting on the kitchen counter (possibly on a towel!) with legs open, and him standing in front of her and entering her, is a marvelous plus-size sex position. This is hands-all-over sex, standing sex, furtive in-the-kitchen sex, and it’s easy to support her weight.

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2. Doggy Style

Doggy style sex is a fantastic plus-size sex position. He gets a full view of her butt and pussy, and she can move her ass freely and grind it against him. It’s great deep penetration. She can use pillows to prop herself or under her knees if they hurt.

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3. Feline Style

Same as doggy, but standing instead of kneeling, bent over a sofa. This has all the benefits of doggy, but works wonders for folks with bad knees.

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4. Get a Leg Up

This is a great plus-size sex position no matter which lover, or both, is plus size.

He stands, she stands, and she flops onto the bed with her upper half, and one leg. She balances on one leg but with most of the weight on the bed. It’s a great entry angle for many lovers.

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5. Woman on Top

Girl on top the usual way is great for lots of plus-size women. She can use her arms and his chest for leverage and support. and lots of ladies have thighs of steel. It’s a great view for him.

If being on top is tough on her knees, she can straddle him from a standing position. Just prop him at the edge of the bed, and she stands with one leg on either side.

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If he’s the plus-size lover, I speak from personal experience that I adore being on top of my chubby guys. It’s so much fun to mount and roll. He gets to see everything and relax!

6. The Easy Rider

Another woman-on-top position is a version of the reverse cowgirl but taking it super easy.

He sits in a chair and she lowers herself onto his lap, facing away. He can help her move up and down with his hands on her hips, or she can use the arms of the chair for leverage. She can just grind and rock against him as well.

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7. On a Mission Position

The missionary position is great for communication and connection. If he’s plus size she can wrap her legs around him from below and writhe beneath him to ecstasy. If his knees don’t like him kneeling, just have him stand!

She can position herself at the side of the bed, knees bent and feet on floor—OR, legs spread wide open. He stands on top of her and enters her that way.

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8. The Silver Spoon

Spooning is snuggly and sizzling at the same time. This is a great position for plus-size sex, both partners lying on their sides. If penetration access is difficult, he can lift and hold her top leg up high.

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7 Plus Size Sex Tips

1. Forget about Being Self Conscious

Plus-size sex is hot sex. Too many people who are overweight deny themselves great sex because they are self conscious. Have a realistic attitude about real life bodies—yours, and your lovers.

Understand that all people are sexual, not just those who are young enough, fit enough, thin enough, muscular enough, or able bodied. Look around you on the bus or in the food court. Almost everyone you see is a sexual human being. Enjoy it.

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2. Use Pillows and Props for Support

Find creative ways to make various positions work for you or your partner.

Pillows, wedges, and other support props work wonders—not just for plus-size sex—when one lover is tall and the other short, for people with joint troubles or injuries, and for anyone really. Changing an angle with a pillow can mean new sensations or deeper penetration or lasting longer.

3. Candid Honesty is Important

Be practical when discussing your size and weight or your partner’s when it comes to plus-size sex. You don’t need to ignore the facts, brush over it, divert attention, or pretend it is something else, to be “polite.”

Plus-size sex warrants the same pragmatic, honest approach to sex as any other kinds of bodies. You don’t have to go out of your way to point out a larger sized body part or any wiggle or jiggle, but there’s no need to pretend what’s there is not there.

If you need to discuss comfort, angles, fit, or anything about your body or your partner’s body, afford the topics your candor and acknowledgement. It’s okay to say “I’m not comfortable leaning this way because my stomach is in the way and hurts like that.” It’s okay to say “I’m not able to reach you from here.”

4. Respect Limits

Plus-size sex is the same as any other kind of sex—whether bodies are tall or short, skinny or fat, fit or feeble, young or old, you and your partner have unique needs and limitations.

Don’t force someone who is plus size to fit into a skinny paradigm. Respect yourself and your partner, whether slim or plus size, and respect the physical limits, needs, and desires, of every lover.

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5. Try Using a Vibrating Dildo

Vibrators are wonderful for plus-size sex, partner sex, solo sex, group sex, you—name it. They can bring needed stimulation to older lovers or help with stamina and longevity during sex.

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6. Give and Ask for Feedback

If you’re not sure what you’re doing feels good for your lover, ask! Whether you’re having plus-size sex or not, asking what your lover needs leads to more pleasure. And speak up for your own pleasure too.

7. Experiment and Have Fun with Plus Size Sex

Play around with plus-size sex positions, as well as exploring each other’s fantasies and kinks. Plus-size sex involves various sex positions, fantasies, fetishes, and ideas.

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Let us know what works for you when it comes to plus-size sex!

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