5 Ideas for Sexy Sensory Play

When it comes to the five senses and sex, there’s nothing like sensual sensations. And not just the feel of our lover’s hands running up and down our body… but that’s a good start. Many fetishes and fantasies involve different types of sensory play, and it’s not just for the bdsm crowd. Lots of vanilla sex couples can enjoy these ideas as a way to spice up their sex life.

5 Sensory Play Ideas for Couples

  1. Erotic Massage. Your special someone will love receiving a full body rub that will not only relax her, but also arouse. There are also many scented body bars that can enhance the experience. And don’t forget the candles.
  2. Bubble Bath. My personal favorite. Nothing feels better than lying beside you partner in warm water. It’s a sensual feeling, and big props to men who wash their gal’s hair. Mood music playing is a great addition to this scene.
  3. Blindfolds. You can use anything from a sleeping mask to a man’s tie for sight deprivation. I also like to add a little bondage for heightened anticipation. Not knowing what her lover is about to do next, really gets a girl going. What happens next is only limited by your imagination.
  4. Wax. Playing with temperature is super fun. You’ll want to read up on wax play before you start the dripping for safety tips. Some couples like to alternate with ice cubes.
  5. Spices and Oils. You can incorporate these in a massage or bath, as well as on your genitals for added sensation… just don’t forget to read the labels first. Natural mint toothpaste is one of my faves.

No matter how wild you are willing to go with sensory play, it’s always best to check in with your partner before trying anything new… but I have a feeling she’ll be more than willing.

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Do you engage in any kind of sensory play? We’d love to hear about your experience or any suggestions you may have. Leave a comment!

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