Shower Sex Tips for Hot Hookups

Some like it wet, so keep your tub scrubbed and a stack of fluffy towels on hand, with an array of delicious gels, soaps, scrubs, and shampoos because you never know when you’ll end up host of a hookup. She’ll feel more comfortable about cleanup, or you can both indulge in one of life’s finest pleasures: shower sex.

Tips for Sexy Shower Hookups

Warm Up Together

You’ve been fooling around in the taxi, the elevator, and on the sofa. Another great place to get things started—or keep heating up—is the shower.

Making out under a stream of warm water feels really intense and intimate to me. When our faces are wet and our bodies are slippery, everything feels amazing.

Getting into the shower is a great way to proceed to the next level—when the clothes come off—and savor the thrill of that for awhile.

Get to Know Each Other

Shower sex is extremely sensual. Take your time, and explore each other’s body fully. It can be very erotic to wash a woman’s hair, soap up her breasts, or let her fondle your balls. Use the shower stream, cloths, colorful sponges, and naturally scented shower gels. Maybe it’s her place, and she has a waterproof vibrator!

Think of It as Round One

The simple pleasure of a woman jacking you off can take the pressure off of coming too fast when you finally get inside her. Just as you might masturbate before a date so that you don’t blow your load the second her nipple slips out, a hand release in the shower will let you “start over” once you’re out.

I love the simple variation of standing behind a man and gripping his cock from this hugging position. The hot water adds to the sensation from my pumping hand.

Enjoy the Standing Position

A change of scenery for sex means new ways to play. While the bed is a classic for many reasons, there aren’t any reasons for limiting sex to the bedroom. Every new locale will mean finding positions that work where you are.

In the shower, you’ll discover several standing positions. She can bend over and put one hand on each side of the far end of the tub, while the water streams over her and you enter from behind.

If she’s petite, you can lift her up and spread her thighs with your hands, pinning her against the wall with your cock. If the stall is small and she’s flexible, she can lift one leg diagonally up to give you easy access to pound her pussy.

Get Down and Dirty

The shower facilitates some dirty, kinky delights by removing the barrier of our hygiene worries while providing an appropriate place to make a mess.

If she wants to finger your ass, let her warm you up by soaping your crack. You can feel squeaky clean and relax in the warm water. If you want to penetrate her ass and she’s reluctant, try bringing it up in this kind of setting. If penetration is too much, suggest just stroking the outside nerves. Using the shower head to stimulate the asshole is very sensual too, just make sure you’re not pumping water into each other.

One kink that is great to explore in the shower is female ejaculation. If she can’t relax for fear of soiling the sheets, in the tub she can turn into Niagara Falls without worry. If your dick gets rock hard at the thought of watching urine stream down her thighs, she might find this sensual and erotic if there’s an option for easy cleanup.

What kind of adventures have you had in the shower? Do tell!

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