Outdoor Sex Ideas

As I’ve spent the last week out of the city, and enjoying some country living, I’m reminded of some of my favorite outdoor sexcapades. I wouldn’t consider myself an exhibitionist who wants to be caught in the act, rather I just love to feel the sun and breeze while making out. I’ll share with you some of my most memorable outdoor experiences that I hope will inspire you to take advantage of the warm summer months ahead.

Golf course. This hot hookup was super fun. Not only was it the first time I’d ever been golfing (okay, I only drove the cart) but it was spontaneous. I was visiting friends in a small town and they invited a friend, who I only later found out was keen on me from an earlier visit. The course was surrounded by cornfields, so when my ball got lost, he followed me deep into the stalks… we never found the ball, but that didn’t matter!

Campground. I always feel playful when I’m camping with a lover. You can cozy up by a fire, frolick in the lake, or get hot and sweaty while canoeing all day. I like to wait until it’s pitch black and take flashlights down to the beach. Once you find a secluded area, just lay down a blanket and get it on.

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Parking the pickup. I have a thing for the guy with the pickup, and the first one I dated liked to park on any dirt road before making his moves. Sex in a car can be cramped and awkward, but the back of a pickup makes a perfect bed under the stars. A thin camping mattress makes it comfortable enough to forget you aren’t at home sweet home.

Chairlift. I definitely prefer outdoor sex in the summer, but you never know when these things might happen. It was spring in Vermont and a bunch of friends decided to do a last bit of skiing before the season was over. It was warm enough to wear long-sleeve shirts and jeans, so when I found myself with my long-time crush on the chairlift, I had easy access. I was able to bend over and give him a most memorable blowjob.

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Do you love having sex outdoors? Where was your favorite spot?

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