Get Her in the Mood Before You Get to the Bedroom

Do you really want to get laid but never seem to make it past dinner and drinks? Do you have a ton of moves that you’re ready to unleash, if only you could get a girl between the sheets? It’s a complaint I’ve heard time and time again: “I’ve taken her out a few times, but she doesn’t seem interested in me physically. What can I do?”

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First of all, you can’t force the chemistry, either she’s into you or she’s not. That said, there are some things you can do to make the prospect of sleeping with you more appealing, or at least make it harder for her to be turned off by the idea. A lot of it involves setting the stage way before the night is over. Try out these simple tips and you’re sure to see your track record improve.

Be On Time and Ready for Your Date

Being late, or unprepared for a date can be a real turn off. Show your lady that you value her time and that she’s worth the trouble of dressing up and planning a nice evening. You could be the most attractive man on the planet, but unless you put a little effort into making her night special, your date will probably want to go home alone. Depending on how lazy you’ve been you might not even get a kiss. Nobody likes to reward bad behaviour.

Show Her that You’ve Been Paying Attention

Make reference to something she mentioned during your last date. Take notice of her interests and elements of her personal style and try to plan events or bring her little gifts that reflect what she loves. Most women like to feel special and that they have captivated you. If she really hasn’t, don’t string her along just for the sake of getting laid. That’s a real dick move (and a whole other topic that I won’t cover here.)

Make Her Feel Sexy

How do you do that? Look into her eyes and touch her arm, or softly move her hair away from her face as you sit and talk together. Intermittently place your hand on the small of her back as you walk together. Show her that you just can’t help but touch her.

You can tell her she’s beautiful and compliment her outfit, which is always a nice thing to do, but giving her those subtle physical cues will get your feelings across most effectively. It will also get her body “listening” to yours. I know that I always feel hotter for guys who can’t seem to keep their hands off of me. Just be sure to read the cues. If she flinches, pulls away or asks you to back off, please respect her wishes.

Confidently Indicate Your Desires

By which I don’t mean that you should be totally crass in your approach, at least not right away. A lot can be communicated about your desires without being too explicit or making your date feel like a piece of meat. Much of it ties into the subtle touches that I spoke of previously.

Don’t be shy to flirt with your date and seduce her into wanting more. The key is to be sure of yourself and not give off mixed signals. If you want to lean in for a kiss, do it! If you know you want her, don’t make her guess. For all you know, she’s just waiting for you to make that first move.

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