Mutual Masturbation Tips For Hookups

Here’s something fun I enjoy with my favorite hookup friends—throwing masturbation into the mix.

Hooking up to masturbate together can be a super safe and hot alternative to having sex, or it can simply add something a little exhibitionist and voyeuristic to the repertoire.

How to Make Mutual Masturbation Happen

Gain Her Confidence

Your private dancer loves masturbating and does so all the time, but usually the definition of the dance lies in the word “private.”

It can take us a while to get comfortable, so asking her to put on a show for you might be better broached with a regular hookup partner, someone who already trusts you and feels confident in you.

Hookup Online and over the Phone

If you and your online dating partner live too far apart to actually hook up in person, that doesn’t mean there are no options for a hot affair! If you’re attracted to someone, it can be fun to have some good old fashioned phone sex or a saucy Skype session.

Try Hands On, Hands Off

Give her a helping hand. By really paying attention to what she’s doing, you’re learning what kind of strokes and rhythms work best for her. Show her you’re a good student by mimicking the motions and getting them just right.

On the other hand, it can be excruciatingly sexy to “go all the way” your own way. In my experience, the heightened tension of not touching each other when you’re so close can really create epic orgasms.

Use Mutual Masturbation to Perfect Your Dirty Talk

Aural sex is amazing, but women can feel awkward getting started on talking dirty. And let’s face it, sometimes you guys need practice so you don’t sound like a bad porn video. It might just take a few cheesy dirty words to get you off, but for most of us girls, dumb dirty mumblings are a turn OFF and can kill the mood.

Take advantage of mutual masturbation sessions to focus on sharing with each other what you want to hear, and practice saying it with each other. Since you’re not distracted with touch sensations, use visual cues to communicate what words are working.

Treat Her to Toys and Lingerie

The easiest way to get her riled up and ready to put on a show is to spoil her a little. Indulging her with sweet nothings that you want to see her take off will put her in the mood!

If you want to see her play with certain toys, it makes sense that after talking about which ones she likes the most, you treat her. Tell her exactly what you want her to do with it for you, and then lean back and watch the show!

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