Sexy Outside or Public Fun You Can Get Away With

If you’re feeling cooped up and want to let it ALL hang out, there’s nothing like a hot summer sex romp out of doors.

You might have an exhibitionist streak or rev hotter from the risk of being caught or the taboo. Or you might just want to feel the ocean wind on your skin while you make love to a beautiful girl.

Outdoor sex can bring back the thrill of youthful lust or spice up routine sex. Whatever floats your boat, you don’t want to impose yourself on an unwilling audience or subject yourself or your lovers to danger, fines, or a record.

Here are some safe ways to play outside without disturbing the peace!

Sexy Outdoor Fun for Adventurous Couples

Keep the Campfires Burning

Camping for couples is just a euphemism for a weekend fuckfest at the lake. Pitch a tent, hike, fish, and pick blueberries, then go skinny dipping in the late afternoon sun.

With no one around for miles, her screams will blend in with the loons, and no one will see what you’re up to but the birds and the bees.

Park at The Point

What was the county hot spot when you were a teenager? It’s never too late to go back. Stretch out in the back of a pick-up truck. Hike up her skirt, and keep your jeans on but unzipped. If you hear another motor, you can straighten out before anyone sees you.

Feel the Motion of the Ocean

If the beach isn’t as secluded as you’d like, oh well. Besides, getting sand in her pussy is overrated. Swim out into the surf and enjoy a salty make-out session far from the shore. No one will be the wiser when your fingers slip inside her bikini bottoms or she rubs your cock until it spurts fish food into the waves.

Skip the Directions

A drive in the country is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon with your lady. You can load up on baskets of fruit and pies from roadside stalls, check out some antiques, and pull over on a secluded road. You didn’t think about how handy that regional map in the glove compartment could be! Open it over your lap and let her tease you with a few licks and her hand while you act as a lookout.

Come to My window

Bending her over the window sill as you both watch the street below while you plow your way to ecstasy is an easy thrill in the comfort of your own home. Leave the lights off so you get that exposed feeling without actually giving anyone a show.

Love In an Elevator

Since there are security cameras everywhere these days, forget the full shebang and stick to a juicy make-out session with a few stolen gropes. This is a super hot way to warm up for what’s coming when you get home, or for what’s NOT happening on this date. The anticipation and memory will sustain you until the time comes.

Walking on Air

The next time you’re on an airplane with your lover, skip the seedy, sewage-scented washroom and get handsy under a big blanket while everyone else is watching movies. You’ve got to keep still and silent so you don’t give yourselves away, and that adds drama and adrenaline when you make it to the finish line.

Where have you enjoyed some outdoor hanky panky? Tell us in the comments below!

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