8 Ways to Use Lube and Improve Your Sex Life

Want to know how to use lube for sex? Let’s look at some ways to get the most out of lube in any sexual situation.

Every toy box or bedside drawer should have some lube. If you don’t already keep it handy, head to your local sex shop, pharmacy, or online platform and pick up a few tubes.

Your sex life will improve instantly!

Where to Start with Lube

If you have different lovers or casual hookups, make sure you get “pillow packs” or sample sizes, or small bottles. You don’t want to share from a bottle of lube with different partners. Most sex stores will have an assortment of single-serving trial packets at the checkout desk or where they keep condoms.

Lube comes in a few different styles. Some people have a strong preference for one of them, and some don’t. For myself, as with everything, I find that variety serves my broad range of needs.

Lubes are either oil-based, water-based, or silicone, or a mixture of these. Unless you are in a long-term monogamous relationship, forget about oil-based versions. They are good for sex, but never compatible with condoms. I like to have water and silicone styles handy.

How to Use Lube for Sex of All Kinds

1. Use Lube for Solo Sex

Stop jerking off with hand lotion, and use lube!

Let’s start with the basics. It only makes sense that guys would eventually discover a smoother ride with a bit of hand lotion. But that should have led you straight to the real deal a long time ago. You could have asked yourself, “Does this same concept exist in a way that was designed especially for this purpose?”

Some hand lotions are just fine, but most have way too many ingredients. Even sensitive-skin formulas aren’t sensitive enough for penises… or vaginas.

2. Lube Will Make Your Lover more Comfortable

You won’t always need it, but if she does need it, she may not be comfortable telling you. A nice sex session can go south without you having a clue why, and sometimes it’s just a biological explanation. If she’s not wet enough, it won’t be comfortable, and she won’t feel frisky, relaxed, or comfortable.

If you’re a young man with young lovers, you might not see how this could be. It’s true that most sexually active young women make all the moisture they need.

However, it’s not always the case. Some medications dry her up. Fluctuating hormones that are a natural part of her cycle can mean dry periods. Anxiety and nervousness can make her body hold back even if she’s raring to go. Casual sex is sometimes fast sex, and even though she wants it, her body takes longer to warm up.

There are many reasons why she may sometimes benefit from you having lube on hand.

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3. Use Lube to Make Condom Sex Sexier

Another thing that can dry a woman up? Condoms. They are necessary, but not natural, and sometimes they “use up” a woman’s personal moisture too fast.

Guys can get a nicer glow by putting a tiny drop inside the rubber or on the head of their cock before sliding it down over the shaft.

The condoms are also less likely to break or burst—using lube is actually part of how to use a condom!

4. Lube Makes Sex Great for Women of All Ages

Sex is not just for younger people! Adults of all ages are sexually active, including hookups. Many couples who have been married a long time continue to enjoy great sex, and some have extracurricular partners because they are polyamorous, or choose to open the marriage along the way.

Women approaching menopause, or after menopause, will sometimes need lubrication. Far too many women stop having sex because it is painful and haven’t discovered that there is help at hand.

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5. Use Lube to Add Variety

Silicone lube is a wonderful addition to sensual massage. It has a soft and silky sensation that is nice on the entire body. Breast lovers may enjoy massaging the nipples and breasts all at once, enjoying the slippery sensation.

Same thing with buttocks. You ever see those videos of women with wet bums? It’s a thing. If that’s your thing, all you need for a nice juicy ripe wet ass is lube!

Those who love wrestling can play Twister on a shower curtain on the floor, covered in lube.

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6. Lube Makes Shower Sex Amazing

Ironically, sex in the shower can mean she doesn’t get wet enough! Water washes away her natural resources, so using a bit of lube makes shower, tub, or ocean sex a delight.

7. Keep Lube as Part of Your Toy Box

Most sex toys work better with lube. Your masturbation sleeves are no exception. Any dildo works better with lube. If she’s into larger dildos, you definitely need lots to take her to her limit.

8. How to Use Lube for Anal Sex

Too many men use saliva, spitting into their palm and rubbing it on a woman’s asshole, then wonder why anal is not as hot as it seems in porn movies.

Anal penetration requires heavy duty lube. Either use lots and lots of what you have on hand, or get specially formulated versions that are for anal.

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Lube is the difference between an incredible anal sex experience, and never wanting it again.

Her anus does not make its own lubrication! You want to use a lot of lube and then re-apply more.

The same goes for you. If she’s fucking you with a strap-on, you need lube. The more lube you use, the more you’ll be able to take in time. But even a small butt plug or finger needs lube to penetrate smoothly.

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Lube is the simple secret for people who love butt sex. Seriously, it is night and day. Our ass is filled with pleasurable nerves. Lube lets you skip the pain part so you feel those nerves instead.

What’s your view on lube? Is it a must have in your life?

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