All About Anal Orgasm and How to Have One

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—our butts are loaded with nerve endings. Anal pleasure is an exquisite, intense aspect of sexuality, for lovers of all genders and all orientations. Anal stimulation and anal penetration, whether stroking, rimming, fingering or fucking can add intensity to arousal and sensation. And yes, you can have an anal orgasm!

What Is an Anal Orgasm?

An anal orgasm is pretty much what it sounds like. An orgasm, from anal stimulation.

While some describe different kinds of orgasm as being fundamentally different, an orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm. The same mechanics and outcome are at play, but you can get there in different ways.

You’ll recall the old distinction between “clitoral” and “vaginal” orgasms where clitoral orgasming women were considered immature compared to their vaginal orgasming big sisters. This turned out to be much ado about nothing—or much ado about sexism, maybe. The clitoris and the vagina were simply different methods for orgasm, with clitoral working best for the majority of women.

However she climaxes—vagina, clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, nipple, anal, humping a pillow, or just fantasizing—an orgasm is an orgasm. This goes for men, too, whether it is ball play, prostate stimulation, a handjob, or intercourse. An orgasm is an orgasm, and there are different ways to get there.

An anal orgasm can be from anal stimulation alone. Many if not most people will use anal play to enhance other kinds of stimulation, but some of you can come from anal stimulation alone.

There is no one way or best way. All ways to play will be unique to what feels good for you.

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Can Women Orgasm From Anal?

Many wonder whether women can orgasm from anal stimulation, because men’s anal orgasms are attributed to prostate stimulation.

Men’s prostate glands are located a few inches inside their ass. A prostate massage, sometimes called “milking the prostate” stimulates the production of cum. The gland is walnut-sized or plum-sized and can be stroked with a finger, toy, or cock.

But the prostate is only one factor in anal pleasure.

Yes, women can orgasm from anal stimulation or anal penetration. In fact, anal play can greatly intensify a woman’s orgasm.

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What Does an Anal Orgasm Feel Like?

An anal orgasm feels like any orgasm feels. There is a buildup of tension and sexual pleasure, and then a kind of explosion or release.

The difference with anal orgasms is in the intensity. It may greatly increase the pleasure and the explosion part for men and women and for nonbinary and transgender lovers too.

For all genders and bodies, anal orgasms may feel much more intense than orgasms achieved another way. This is because anal stimulation involves a greater range of nerves in the process, including all the networks in the penis, testicles, prostate and anus for men. For women, the clitoral and vaginal network, as well as the anal network are involved.

How to Have an Anal Orgasm

The best way to have an anal orgasm is simply to add anal stimulation to your lovemaking.

If you are new to anal play, start by incorporating mild anal play like stroking and touching. You can introduce anal play after a thorough washing in the shower so that you are both comfortable touching each other and don’t worry about hygiene.

Anal play feels incredible if you are already very aroused. Don’t simply dive into dildo penetration when you’re not very turned on! The hotter you are, the more warmed up you are, the more relaxed, the better it will feel.

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Use lots of lube for any penetration, and start penetration play with a finger or a butt plug. Anal toys are flared at the bottom to prevent the toy from being sucked into the body and lost! Use specially designed dildos or butt plugs for this purpose.

Take it very slow at first. Your ass is a muscle and it needs to get used to having something penetrating it. Use plenty of lube and relaxation techniques such as breathing deeply.

To have an anal orgasm, you can lie on your back with your legs up, or on your stomach with your ass up. Experiment with fingering each other and then move on to butt plugs, small dildos, larger dildos, and a strap-on and harness for her to peg you.

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Initially, you’ll want to alternate stimulation to your cock, balls, or whatever you usually enjoy and your ass, or experience them simultaneously. Jacking off while she fucks your ass is common, or you can receive oral or hand stimulation while she fingers your ass.

For her, a dildo in her pussy while she receives your finger or cock in her ass gives her a wonderful feeling of fullness. She may also want to rub her clit while you are playing with her ass.

You can experiment with alternating stimulations or simultaneous stimulations until you climax. Never put fingers or toys that were in her ass in her pussy—use separate toys, so she doesn’t get a bacterial infection in her vagina.

You can then experiment with reducing vaginal or cock stimulation and focus on the sensations of anal pleasure and enjoy the build-up.

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Don’t worry if your anal orgasm doesn’t happen right away, or if it doesn’t happen “by itself.” Simply enjoy the added intensity, and keep exploring and experimenting. Once you relax more, you may be able to climax with anal stimulation alone or by mostly anal stimulation with less clitoral or cock stroking.

Everyone is different. Find what works for you and enjoy the ride!

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Do you already enjoy anal orgasms? What tips can you share?

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