What You Need to Know about Women and Anal Sex

Love that ass and dying to fuck it more than anything? Ever wonder why some guys seem to get all the anal hookups they want and think they could be exaggerating? Are you under the impression that most women don’t enjoy anal sex, and you just haven’t been lucky enough to find the one who does?

I bet that most of what you know about women and anal sex is wrong, and I’m going to share with you how it’s all about the right circumstances and the right approach. If you follow my advice to the letter, you will have your girlfriends begging and moaning to get your cock where the sun don’t shine.

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5 Tips for More Anal Sex Hookups

1. Women love anal sex.

Say what? I’m serious. The anus has a rich network of nerve endings that greatly enhance sex sensations.

If she doesn’t want anal, it’s not because her anus doesn’t bring her pleasure. It will. It’s because dudes don’t know how to knock at the back door, or don’t enter in with the right manners.

Anal sex can be painful. It can be feel too intimate because we are worried about being dirty.

But we all have an anal orifice that is a potential for pleasure.

2. She MUST be hyper aroused.

Wanting it in her ass happens when she’s SO HORNY vaginal penetration just isn’t enough. This is a whole process. Without arousal, warm up, stretching—the whole production—those gates are staying shut.

If you understand this, you won’t lack for anal sex. If you try to get it instead, or don’t recognize the fun challenge of pleasuring her to see if it gets this far, then you don’t get it and you won’t. You can’t skip this stuff, and you shouldn’t want to.

You don’t get into her ass by pushing your dick in that direction hopefully and taking her off guard.

You get there by making her come with your tongue for hours, and turning her inside out. You get there when she’s so horny that even orgasm won’t satiate the fire, and there is so much blood flow in her pelvic region that it’s swollen and desperate for more.

When you can’t get deep enough to satisfy her, that’s when you might get into her ass.

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woman who enjoys anal sex hookups
Bring her to the point of REALLY wanting it.

3. Love makes anal more likely, OR complete abandon and anonymity.

Usually there’s not enough time to relax, and not enough anticipation and chemistry, to rock us through the roof AND to want it in both holes when we’re having fun hookups.

Casual sex without strings is amazing, and we have all the right holes needed for a good time to be had by all.

Women can be open to hot anal hookups when the emotional connection between you is so intense that she just needs more of you and wants to take you every way possible. When you are both madly in love, the possibility of getting anal is high.

On the other hand, if the chemistry is insane and she’s never going to see you again, an epic storybook hookup with soaring heights and tragedy combined—a desperate, tearful beach hookup on the last night of a holiday—her hormones will be through the roof, and all caution will be flung out the window.

When one of these extremes is happening with a woman, that’s when you play your cards.

4. Anal sex technique counts.

If you’re invited in, you want to know what you’re doing.

Always think about it this way—you have to open her ass. You don’t just attempt to stick something in without lube or a warm up.

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5. Women’s number one anal hookup fear is being dirty.

Understand that the primary preventer of anal sex hookups is the utilitarian purpose of that orifice.

You can help with this fear by being practical and not making a big deal about it. Have a sense of humor, and reassure her that you’re not worried about nature. Keep wipes and towels handy, and use a condom.

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