How to Make Anal Sex Great for Her

What’s the difference between the rare guy that gets to fuck my ass and the many more who never will?

It’s not who’s the hottest, richest, or has the biggest cock. The guys who are incredibly patient, tender, and trustworthy make the cut. The guys who prioritize my pleasure and aren’t in a hurry. The guys who can follow directions so that I can relax and trust my body to them.

How to Make Anal Sex Great for Women

Assure her that you’re comfortable with where you’re going.

First things first. Every magazine article tells you that somehow there is no doo doo in your rectum. We all know that is, well, bullshit.

Yes, we get basic anatomy. The storage center is farther in. But we know it leaves traces and germs on its way out. If you can speak frankly about these realities and she knows you don’t have unrealistic expectations, she will relax enough to let you enter.

When you’re squeamish about a bit of menstrual blood showing up by surprise, she won’t be comfortable letting you go where much scarier bodily fluids and pastes lurk.

Assure her that you see these things pragmatically. Here’s your backstage pass: keep wet wipes nearby, wear a condom, and reassure her that you’ll whisk away any germs with a practical attitude.

Understand that she has to be EXTREMELY aroused.

The butt hole is not a substitute hole for the vagina, and you don’t just stick it in after thirty seconds of groping.

If that’s what you aim for, you might think anal is something we only “let” you do, rather than fully enjoy. Not true.

There are times I get so desperate for your cock in my ass that I’ll beg for it, and want it hard. But you’ll have to hold back from coming too fast, so you can satisfy the pounding my ass craves.

To get there, you have to go everywhere else first.

You have to get out of your frenzied state of mind, and slip into something a little more zen. Amp things up with oral for a long time. Don’t push your fingers in even when I beg. Take a long time to fuck me, and when you do, do it slow. Pull back and let things cool down when I’m close to coming, then rev me back up.

Orgasm denial and edging and penetration restraint are great ways to take me over the top and leave me there.

When a woman gets so aroused, she can reach a feeling where you’re already inside her, but still she feels desperate to be penetrated.

THAT is the level of desire you’re waiting for, because now she wants to be filled from the other side too.

Use a dildo in her pussy.

Here’s the trick to the best anal sex for women. When you pull out of her pussy, and slide your cock into her eager asshole, neglecting her vagina can make the whole scene go south.

You want her to have that feeling of being full past the brim. Slip a dildo into her pussy from behind, THEN push your cock inside her. Double penetration is a feeling like no other!

Take your time, with lots of lube.

Tease her ass, so it’s blinking at you in desperate invitation. Lube it up, so the slide in is easy. You want the entry to be tantalizing and slow and patient. Once her ass is opened, and only if she asks for more, do you start “banging.” Let her set the pace, and she’ll invite you back again and again.

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