4 Anal Sex Techniques for Fun Anal Play

If you’re looking to add more anal sex into your hookup repertoire, you can use your imagination and a variety of anal techniques to impress your partner and turn her on.

Getting to anal can sometimes feel like the prize all on its own, but if you’re both really into butthole pleasure, you can add variety for an expanded experience.

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4 Anal Sex Techniques and Tips

1. Don’t dive right in.

Who says it’s a race to get there? You know enough to warm her up with your finger and a lot of lube, but what about taking your sweet old time and really indulging her starfish in sensation play? Raising the anticipation by an indulgent amount of stimulation will make her desperate for it, and her ass will take you in easily.

Tickle the crack of her ass. Try ice cubes. Try a gentle stream of warm water. Blow on it sensually. Spread it apart gently with your hands, massaging her ass cheeks to stretch the asshole itself open in different ways—this technique stimulates without even touching it.

You’re where you want to be! Don’t rush past the good stuff.

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2. Different strokes for the same folks.

You don’t make love in the same position every time you put it in her vagina, so get creative with anal too. There are just as many positions and angles. If you’re both comfortable with each other and turned on, you can be open about trying them, even if they are only “one-minute positions.” A lot of positions don’t work for long, for one partner or both, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to experiment with.

3. Missionary position.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, we almost always assume that anal intercourse is doggie style or some variation of it.

It’s unbelievably hot and intimate to do anal in the missionary position. To me, it’s almost kinky because the inherent surrendering as you enter into me deeply is so profound. Something so dirty and wild feeling is all face to face. It’s unfuckingbelievable.

4. Double penetration.

Here’s an anal sex technique that lets anal go on and on and on that few seem to be aware of. If you work on her pussy first, which you usually do, you can add a dildo to the mix. The bigger the better, for a really intense session. Once her pussy is taking that big dildo dick, turn her on her belly and spread her legs and penetrate her vagina with it. Once it’s in deep, it can stay there with the pressure of her body against the mattress or floor keeping it in.

NOW penetrate her ass. It’s almost unbearable to get fucked in the ass when my pussy is full. The sensation of being doubly stuffed makes my orgasms—yes, multiple orgasms—INSANE.

Don’t blame me if she wants this all the time!

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