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Women’s Tips for Anal Sex

Sexy Ass

Ever wonder why some guys get more anal action? You’re a red-blooded male who gets hot just thinking about it, and all the anal-sex porn makes it look so easy.

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Your friends—men and women—tell you that women enjoy getting ass fucked. And you’ve got a rockin’ body too, so why aren’t you getting the ass you want?

Now all women are different of course, so there are exceptions. Some never have and never will take a dick up their butt, and some love it anytime they can get it. Most of us, however, are curious, willing, or already enjoy anal sex.

Anal Sex Advice from Women

We Need to Be REALLY Horny

The last thing in the world that I want is something up my butt, boys, sorry about that. Even when I’m horny, it’s naturally my vagina that gets ready for you. My pussy aches to be penetrated—that’s its purpose, and it works wonderfully. I love pussy and anal sex, but most of the time my asshole serves its more banal functions and nothing more.

Anal only happens when I’m soooooo horny that being fucked five times in the pussy is just me getting started. If you want anal, spend all your energy on getting her so worked up she can’t see straight.

Context Is Important

Your date doesn’t feel like anal when she’s coming off of two overnight-double nursing shifts at the hospital. She’s not up for anal sex when she’s recovering from stomach flu, and don’t spring it on her after you’ve both stuffed yourselves on Chinese or Indian buffet. When you climb on top of her first thing in the morning, don’t aim for the backdoor.

Take Your Time

If you’re in a hurry, you’re not getting anal.

This isn’t because we’re mean. It’s because the body needs to be primed. I need to be relaxed enough to let go, and I need to be twice as aroused as my usual super horny state.

Sure, there’s the odd time that anal sex and the quickie go together, but your best investment isn’t on those odds.

Lick my pussy forever, fuck me slowly with a dildo while you do, and eventually I’ll spread my cheeks for you and beg for a little something more.

Connection Is Key

This is really important, even if it’s not fair.

To ever want anal sex with you, there has to be something above and beyond in our relationship—whether it lasts one night or a lifetime.

Just like I need to be soooooo horny, I also need some kind of cosmic connection and supernatural chemistry.

If you and your hookup like each other just fine, that’s terrific and it might need to be enough. But if what I feel about you doesn’t border on obsession—whether it’s purely physical, or profoundly emotional, or both—I won’t ever want anal sex. The intensity of love or lust has to be there.

Nagging and Begging Won’t Get You In

It will get you locked out, since it’s annoying, and a turnoff.

Think of Yourself

Want to read your date’s mind? It’s easy. Just think of yourself and your own ass. When and how do you want something up your ass? When would you let someone in there? When would you be open to ANYTHING? Consider carefully, and act accordingly.

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