How to Have More Anal Sex

Want to have more anal? Read on for tips to create more chances and have more anal sex.

If ass is your thing, you have probably noticed a major discrepancy between porn and real-life665 hookups.

In porn, women are begging you to take them every which way, and she always wants it up her butt—no matter what.

But in real life, most women disappear when you ask if she’s looking for anal. If you’re in the middle of a hot hookup, nothing freezes it as fast as reaching for those butt cheeks and giving them a nice spreading.

You might get the impression that women don’t like anal hookups. Yet that’s not true. We do!

But there are some things you have to understand.

What to Know about Women and Anal Sex

Anal sex is not easy, casual, or quick.

Most women skip the pleasures of the booty when they’re with a brand new or temporary guy. You can’t just reach for the back door and expect it to open to a complete stranger!

Of course, there are exceptions—some women love anal on the first date, or anal instead of vaginal sex, or anal quickies.

But for most of us, it’s something of an ordeal. You can’t just pull down her jeans and stick it in. She needs to be comfortable and trust you. She can’t be bloated or full from dinner. She needs a shower close at hand. And she has to be incredibly worked up—not the level of arousal that usually happens from a quickie hookup.

This means she needs to be physically and psychologically ready, as well as hyper-aroused, and she needs to know that you are also physically and psychologically ready, to her standards.

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Women would rather skip sex than risk embarrassment.

The second thing you have to understand is that this is the back door you’re talking about. This may not be a big deal to you. Maybe you aren’t that concerned if a bit of air leaks out or if there’s a smudge on the rubber. You are well aware that this is also the exit chute for bodily waste, but nothing that a hose down after can’t cure, am I right?

This is not how it is for her, however. She wants to know how squeamish you are before she goes there. She wants to be sparkling fresh and not in any danger of needing the bathroom over the next ten hours!

So when she says she doesn’t feel like anal sex, what she often means is that she anticipates that channel will be needed for other uses some time over the course of the evening. Or that she isn’t sure she is scrubbed down. Or that she isn’t sure what your tolerance is for possible embarrassments or stains.

Everything else you need to do to plan for, ask for, and try for must follow the understanding of these two things!

Do not beg her to bury your dick in her bottom an hour after leaving the all-you-can-eat buffet. Do not freak out over a tiny fart one minute, and ask her to sit on your cock the next. Don’t try shoving your finger up her butt when her pussy is still dry or expect her to want anal when she has her period and she’s nauseous and bloated.

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If you grasp everything I’m saying in these two parts, you don’t really need the rest. But since I’m super sweet and want you to have more ass sex, I’ll spell out a few ways you can make good use of your newfound understanding of the mysteries of female moods when it comes to butt-fucking!

5 Tips to Have More Anal Sex

1. Prioritize Her Arousal

While your horniness isn’t quite as simplistic as an on-off switch or hard-not hard, it’s not as intricate as hers.

A woman has levels upon levels upon levels of horny. Many women have no idea themselves how much deeper it can go. Most of us have sex and enjoy it at our first couple of levels. It’s fun, utilitarian, feels pleasurable, and gets rid of the sexual tension.

But we can go higher.

Teasing, orgasm denial, anticipation, prolonged sex, oral sex-these are all ways a woman can experience an increase in arousal. When she gets to desperate levels of horny, her vagina can stretch much more than it does at regular horny levels. (Fisting also requires intense arousal, for this reason.) And she may suddenly want two men, or a huge zucchini, or double penetration. Or her ass pounded. She is desperate to be filled when she gets to this state.

2. Oral Sex Is Your Ticket to Anal Sex

Don’t expect all this after a perfunctory oral sex lick. If you want the possibility of anal, go all out with oral. Settle down there, take your time, and let her know you love it and you aim to please.

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3. Let Her Know She Can Trust You

She won’t want you to trust you with her fragile ass and her shifting whims if you are aggressive or can’t control yourself. If you keep stabbing your dick against her butt, hoping it will magically go in, you’ll never get it.

4. Have the Conversation to Have Anal Sex

The best route to anal sex whether with a girlfriend or a casual sex partner is to talk about it.

Don’t just say you want it—we get that part. Talk about the above items, and about your understanding of her concerns and needs.

Show her through dialogue that you can meet her expectations for safety and hygiene, and that you are not in a hurry and want to take your time getting her high first with oral sex and everything else that she likes.

5. Prove Your Anal Sex Prowess

Make sure you show your lover with everything you do that you understand that her body needs time to warm up, that her mind needs to trust you, and that you know HOW to fuck a woman up the ass.

If you don’t even have any lube on hand, we know you don’t have a clue what you’re doing!

Sticking it in and pumping doesn’t cut it. You need to start slow with a finger swirl and maybe some tongue action and wait for an invitation. You need to take your time, and play her pussy and clit at the same time to keep her tension building—and not with any back and forth of the hands that can give her an infection.

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If she notices that you know what you’re doing, she can trust that you know how to lube your cock head up real nice, push it slowly in, and wait for her body to pull your cock in. That you’ll let her set the thrust and pace and depth at the start. That you’ll stop when her body says stop. That you won’t just rip your cock out if she needs you out, but that you will pull out slowly.

If you have all this stuff under your belt, your chances of anal sex tonight have gone from zilch to quite good!

Do you love having anal sex? Dare to share in the comments.

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