How to Enjoy Anal

August is officially anal sex month (don’t believe me?  Google “anal sex month”!) so I’ve put together a list of the top five things adventurous couples can do to enjoy celebrating this kinky month in style. Enjoy!

5 Steps to Enjoy Better Anal Sex

1. Make sure you both want it.

This is huge. A man’s penis has to be very erect indeed for anal sex to ‘work’.

If a woman isn’t turned on by the thought of it entering her tush, it’s not only going to hurt and possibly lead her to never, ever want to try back-end business again, but the chances of her orgasming will be slim.

Trust me ladies: the kind of orgasms that anal makes possible are unbelievably mind-blowing. So you’ll want to take your time, and wait ‘til you’re begging for it before p gets anywhere near a.

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2. Work up to it.

Also known as stretching – this is crucial. Women can practice alone (stick your finger up your ass in the shower, and use a small butt plug when masturbating,) and with their partners (again, when she’s ready – rimming, and a finger in the asshole gets her accustomed to the feeling of something inside.)

3. Communicate.

When you’re ready to try it with your penis, go extremely slowly – let her take the lead. Having the woman on top facing her man is a good way to start – she can bear down as slowly as she likes, and the angle is slightly easier to adjust to.

Make sure she lets you know the second it feels uncomfortable, so you can either both stop moving until she’s ready to go on, or you can withdraw completely – and slowly!

You know in porn movies when the guy with a huge dick is banging away ferociously into the girl’s asshole? Not realistic. No one wants to get hurt – but if you take your time, talk dirty, and trust each other, she’ll be begging for it eventually.

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4. Lubricate!

No spitting allowed. The membrane around and inside the anus is incredibly thin and delicate, so rough play or a lack of lube can cause painful tearing which might lead to infection and transmission of STI’s.

Make sure you have a thick lube (silicone-based is best for anal play) whether you’re going whole-hog or starting out with fingers or toys – and use lots! Also, condoms make for easier clean-up and safer sex in the long run.

5. Prepare your head.

Jack Morin, PhD, has a great book called Anal Pleasure and Health. Talking frankly with your partner about your desires and fears is always important. Anal sex is still highly taboo, one of the reasons it’s so hot to partake of it, there are some – unpleasant issues you might want to get off your chests first so you can relax and enjoy.

Does she want to have an enema first? It’s certainly not necessary but some people prefer this route in order to ensure cleanliness. You’re exploring a region where poop lives, and expect that, from time to time, you might encounter some – it’s all par for the course.

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Be safe, and have fun! Is there anything I forgot to add to my tips?

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