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3 More Things to Know about the Female Orgasm

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If you’re a loyal reader of mine (which I know you are) you will recall that I recently wrote a post summarizing some of the main points of a fantastic documentary called The Female Orgasm Explained. Well, as promised, here is the follow-up to part one of what makes women cum. In my opinion, every one of us should become an expert on this topic.

3 More Things to Know about the Female Orgasm

1. The G-Spot Is Not the Only Vaginal Erogenous Zone

That’s right! It turns out there are actually two more… TWO! I myself had no idea, although it might explain why sometimes if the conditions are just right (angle and thrust-wise) it can feel as if my whole body is being shot full of the most intensely pleasurable electrical charge, but I digress. As you may or may not know, the g-spot is located about a centimeter or so inside the vaginal opening, on the upper portion of the vaginal wall. It feels a bit granular or sponge-like in comparison to the surrounding tissue and can be found by inserting your finger and then making an upward hook motion. The other two erogenous zones are found much deeper in the vagina, one on the upper wall, close to the cervix, the other on the back wall, neighboring the anus. These areas are reportedly similar to the g-spot in that they are more sensitive than other parts of the vagina and can really enhance a woman’s orgasm if stimulated in just the right way. The best way to determine what works for your partner is to start exploring with specific angles and positions and asking her to set the pace and be in control of your penetration.

2. Some Women Can Achieve Orgasm Via Anal Sex

This is primarily due to the location of that erogenous zone I just mentioned, the one that is right next door to the anus. The woman who spoke about this in the film mentioned that it was a very different kind of release… intense but short lived. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience is going to differ and that anal sex is not for everybody. A big part of achieving orgasm for most women is feeling relaxed and open to it. If you want to explore analingus and anal sex, it’s a good idea to talk about it first and to do your research with regards to technique and safety. Part of what made it so sexy for the woman in the documentary is that she felt that it was dirty or taboo. This relates back to the role of fantasy I mentioned in my earlier post, but again, anything new you try with your partner should be discussed first.

3. There Are Three Noticeable Stages to a Woman’s Orgasm

This is a good thing to know because it can help you to recognize where your partner is at on the road to orgasm and maybe even help you tailor your approach. The first stage is excitement which is characterized by a moistening and swelling of the labia. This basically just means that your partner is turned on. At this point you might want to experiment with different speeds and pressures, changing things up based on her reactions or feedback. If you already know your partner really well, you probably know what does it for her, so just do whatever that is.  The second stage is plateau. You can tell your partner has reached this stage because her labia will change colour, becoming a darker red and her clit will likely swell and grow hard. This means she’s close to orgasm. At this point in time you’ll want to intensify what ever it is you’re doing just a little bit. If you’re lucky it will be enough to push her over the edge to orgasm and then on to the final stage, which is resolution. And, if she’s really aroused, maybe to another orgasm… because women’s bodies are amazing!

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