How to Make Her Cum

No doubt about it… men unanimously agree that a woman’s orgasm is the hottest thing in sex. So how do you ensure that she’ll cum?

Use all three of these tips each and every time.

Be consistent with your rhythm.

This is important guys, so listen up: if whatever you’re doing isn’t the right rhythm, it might feel great but no amount of time spent will bring her to orgasm. Personally, I love getting slammed like a drum, and it makes me horny, but I’ll never come that way—I need circular motions to get off.

Differentiate between the sensations she enjoys and allow a variety of them. But when she’s ready to come, find the rhythm that works best and stick with it.

Ask her what works for her.

The single biggest obstacle to men successfully getting a woman off is that they assume they know what to do and how to do it.

The tricks, techniques, and rhythms that were a colossal success with your last hookup or girlfriend are irrelevant with the next one.

Most women enjoy it when you lick her pussy, and my friend Maribel is no exception. But she has never had an orgasm through cunnilingus. “You can get me going, make me dripping wet, suck on it like a vampire, but it’s not until you’ve penetrated me that I will make it.”

Unlike Maribel, many women can’t come during actual intercourse. “There’s too much going on,” says Kelly, 32. “Even if he plays with my clit while fucking me, I won’t come until after. I can’t concentrate on all those great feelings. I need to pare them all down when it’s time to get off.”

For me, the best way to get off is to rub my clitoris WHILE you’re fucking me.

See, it really is different for all of us, so just ask what works best and take her word for it!

Be patient.

Make sure your enthusiasm and desire to please don’t look like stress or pressure from her perspective. If she feels you’re in a hurry or stressed out, the whole thing will fizzle. A woman needs to relax completely and that can take a little while in someone’s presence. If you do your best to lighten things up and take your time, it makes a world of a difference.

That’s why it’s easy for a woman to come when masturbating but takes a lot longer with a partner. It also explains why it’s easier for her to have an orgasm when you’ve been together a few times.

If something distracts you or her from the goal, change pace with some lighthearted humor and some kissing and don’t worry about it. You’ll get back on track in no time.

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