G-Spot Tips For Better Orgasms

Incorporate G-spot techniques into your sex play, and discover more ways to give her pleasure and make her cum.

The infamous two-finger, come-here stroke.

Every single thing you’ll read on the Internet, or in a sex-ed brochure, or on the back of a sex-toy box, will tell you about this insanely magical move to make her scream.

You insert two fingers into her pussy, then use a beckoning motion against that puffy walnut-like swelling until she soaks the mattress and screams like a banshee.

A lot of women, like myself, got a little discouraged because not only did we not squirt or scream, but the technique was not pleasurable and actually felt terrible. All the power to those ladies who love this stroke. For the rest of us, it can still be effective but just incomplete.

All female orgasms are connected to a woman’s sexual nervous system, and the clitoris is part of that, whether you reach it from inside the pussy or outside.

To make the most of the come-here technique for women who aren’t moved by it, lessen the pressure on the G-spot and apply the stroke with a lighter touch. Then use your other hand outside on her clit, or let her drive while you finger her. Trust me on this one.

Love that G-spot from behind.

I love my man’s wild abandon during doggie, but I’m not usually going to orgasm that way. Lying flat on my stomach and focusing under your attentive efforts to get me work much better.

Thrusting with your cock from behind while I’m lying on my stomach isn’t deep penetration, which means the head of your cock will be rubbing at the maximum against my G-spot.

Experiment with shallow thrusts, rough thrusts, slow entry, and combinations, just for the pleasure and thrill of her. Encourage her to set the motion by pressing her ass against you and her clit into a pillow, or even a vibrator.

Make good use of that pubic bone.

A woman often masturbates her own clitoris while on top of or under a man, but a technique that builds a lot of pleasure is to apply pressure to the pubic bone.

Just pushing down on different parts of my tummy, vulva, and pubic bone while rubbing my clit or fucking my pussy feels really good.

While you’re stimulating her G-spot, pay attention to these other sensations too.

Don’t pressure her to squirt.

It’s super hot to watch a woman douse her lover in total abandon as a torrential amount of liquid is expelled from her body.

The idea that all women can or should ejaculate simply doesn’t make biological sense. Every woman is different. There are lots of arguments over what the ejaculate contains, with many saying it’s just urine that comes out when a girl can’t help herself. The fluid does contain some urine because it’s coming out of the urethra, but it’s made up of a combination of different chemicals and not yet well understood.

It seems like a safe bet from what we understand so far is that all women can make this fluid of arousal, but most make mere drops of it. This won’t have the visual cachet a guy might want as reward, but it doesn’t make her pleasure any less important.

So, experiment and have fun if she wants to push the boundaries to see if she can ejaculate. If she already does and enjoys it, use a shower curtain or rubber mattress guard, so she can feel comfortable letting go. If she doesn’t want to, enjoy G-spot stimulation without pressuring her to bring forth buckets of liquid.

What’s your experience with the G-spot? Please share in the comments!

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