Analingus Tips for Men

It’s come to my attention (ahem, butt) that more and more men are interested in tossing my salad. It seems like only yesterday when anal intercourse was taboo. Analingus is not my favorite thing sexually, but I’m down for just about anything that gets my partner off because in turn, that’s what gets me off. Rimming used to be something most of us would only engage in with a serious long-term partner, but it has become commonplace in hookup culture, and there sure are a lot of porn videos that feature anal play.

If you want a woman to play your rusty trombone, or if you want to dive between her butt cheeks, you’ll want to check out these tips to help maximize the experience for both of you.

Analingus Tips for Men

Keep it Clean. Analingus can be dirty business, so make sure to bathe beforehand with unscented soap. Some people swear by the anal douche, but most don’t expect this level of prep.

Manscape. If you don’t already, it’s a good idea to investigate down there and shave or trim what’s considered overgrowth. The less hair, the more likely she is to stay down there and play.

Communicate. This can be brought up in sexy talk just to see what she thinks about anal play, or you can stray while going down on her and gauge her non-verbal body language.

Find Your Position. If you’re both into giving and receiving analingus, the 69 position is perfect and extends to all oral enjoyment. Otherwise you can try face-sitting or have the receiver’s behind propped up under cushions for easy access.

Lube it Up. This isn’t always necessary if your partner gets super wet, but it helps if you’re planning to put your cock or any sex toys in her. Flavored lubes are a nice touch.

Multi-task. Vary your tongue shape and pressure for maximum pleasure, and use your hands to caress her thighs and hips… or spank and pinch, depending on her turn ons.

Stay Safe. A dental dam will prevent stds and is preferred by those who don’t want the skin-on-skin contact. And if you want to lick her vagina after, you can rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash to prevent infection.

Analingus feels good because of the area’s many sensitive nerve endings. I was a little self-conscious the first time a man went probing, but now I love what it can add to my sexual experience.

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What are your thoughts on analingus? Are you down for it?

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