5 Oral Sex Tips: Boost Your Cunnilingus Game

You GOTTA know how to use your mouth to satisfy your sex partners, no matter who the hell you are or think you are! So today I’m giving you my top oral sex tips.

I don’t care if you have a 15-inch penis and can fuck for 15 hours. If you don’t have any oral sex skills, you’re going to have a sex life that is FAR below the potential peaks of pleasure if you do have the skill AND the ability to cause gushing and juicing from the flickering of your tongue, not just the penetration of your dong.

The point is that your mouth game matters so much, it ironically can’t be spoken about enough. Oral sex is a great replacement for so many other things. If straight-up fucking isn’t working, then all manner of oral sex is a great “replacement” for whatever IS working! The mouth can work much more reliably than genitalia, for a thousand various reasons.

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That being said, sometimes it’s fun to ONLY focus on oral sex, so today’s lesson is about that fun thing that I love to do so very very much! So, lick your lips and let us begin.

5 Oral Sex Tips to Up Your Game

1. Kiss Both Lips

First things first, don’t just rush straight down to the Lake of Legs and dive right in there—no. Not unless you’ve been with this woman dozens of times, please and preferably. What you should do, is KISS HER FACE LIPS first.

Warm her up to a full-body experience of devouring. Eat her upper mouth first. Not literally eat, but pay full attention to the normal place that fooling around starts. Kiss her properly and tenderly for a bit, before you make a move to second and third base. It’s just honorable behavior. And it’s the right way to warm up the engine below.

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2. Don’t Rush

Don’t rush anything. When you’re done kissing her face lips, SLOWLY move south. Take your time, and tease her slightly. Kiss some earlobes. Kiss some neck. Kiss some clavicle. Kiss some nipple, dammit! Then tickle the other nipple, and then kiss it too.

Try to be as balanced as you can, doing everything to one side of the body and then the other. Heed this oral sex tip and take it slow and steady. Take the scenic route if you must. But take your time to make it known that you WILL eventually make it down to Zipper Town! And make those moves as slow and smooth as you are able to.

3. Stimulate the Clitoris

If you’re eating pussy, don’t just lick lick lick away robotically. That will numb her almost as fast as it bores her to pieces and puts her to sleep. What is better to do is to stimulate the clitoris, which is a wishbone-shaped network of nerve endings that runs ALL THE WAY through the pussy. It’s not just the Fun Button nub up near the top. Rub the whole pussy while you lick.

Be a multi-tasker to get REALLY good at oral sex!

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4. Be a Human Vibrator

If what you’re doing works well, KEEP DOING IT. Get into solid rhythms and timing. Don’t do one thing forever. But do maybe five things in regular rotation, and do them WELL. Don’t switch things up every five seconds, or it will just get annoying and erratic. Give her some time to enjoy each sensation, and then take her to a higher level with another type of sensation.

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With all that being said and done properly over and over, once you get to something that REALLY is hitting the good spots: DON’T CHANGE IT UP. Become a robot in this moment alone. Give constant stimulation. Don’t change technique when she is really responding to something you’re doing. If she starts arching her back and moaning super loud, STAY THERE and do that move a hundred times… until she explodes!

5. Follow Her Movements

If she doesn’t have an orgasm, just stay with her and keep giving the oral action until you can do it NO more. Don’t ever give up after a few minutes. And even if you are going for twenty-two minutes and she hasn’t come yet, that’s okay—it might not happen, and you should be cool with that still. Just keep giving her the lip business.

Think of a circle, and just go around back and forth with her motions. When she moves up, you move up, when she moves down, you follow her down. Or sometimes you switch it up, and when she moves back, you move back, and when she moves close: you move RIGHT in there and grind your mouth and tongue up against her.

There are oral sex tips and techniques that you will learn in the heat of the moment to help you know what you need to do to “dance” with the woman you’re with. And when you’re ready to go all the way: Let them grab your ears, and commence the facefucking! Combine this with facesitting if that’s a kink you also enjoy. This is a high level oral sex move—it’s hardcore, and it’s awesome to experience. Try it for your own exploration adventure!

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If you have any other oral sex tips in your repertoire that I need to know about, please share.

Otherwise, I’m gonna get ready to eat some pussy tomorrow!

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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