Edging: Make the Most of Your Orgasm

Guys, if you’ve never heard of “edging”, I suggest you read on. If you have heard of edging and poo-poo the idea of it, I also encourage you to read on. Until you’ve tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing.

I’ve tried it. The experience almost makes me think there might be a god.

On the surface, the concept is kind of ludicrous: do everything sexual to make yourself cum, but don’t cum. The argument is obvious: why would I not want to cum, isn’t cumming the whole point? Sure, cumming is ultimately the point, but how long you last before doing so and the intensity of the orgasm trumps all.

The idea of edging is as simple as it is ludicrous, but the truth is guys do a moderate form of it every time they have sex of any sort. We avoid pre-mature ejaculation; we hold back until the woman has an orgasm; we try and make the evening last; etc. Edging is an extension of these.

The trick is to push it further. Edging during a single session can be about the guy not cumming during the first round, but more than making up for it in the second round. By the time your girl has had her fill, stop. Break. Play. When you get back at it, not only will she have more coming her way, you’ll be even harder, and by the time you eventually cum, you will have earned that nap.

I’ve reached a point much more extreme, but I assure you, much more satisfying and intense. If I know I have a date coming up, and I know I’ll be having sex, I’ll spend the days leading up to it by edging. I’ve trained my gear to contain itself. And I’m always guaranteed explosive satisfaction. My cock stays stiffer, condom application is quicker and less clumsy, my date gets her rocks off all night long, and my own orgasm ends up being a show-stopper.

Here’s a good place to start: hold off on the wanking. Guys wank like monkeys. The next time you’re squeezing your banana, try stopping before you cum. It may take a few tries to instill the self-discipline.

But consider it in this perspective. Sometimes you’re somewhere, in some situation, where you can’t have an orgasm—maybe you’re staying at Granny’s place for the holidays. Ever notice, when you finally do escape, and finally do get the chance to cum, that having to wait made the ultimate release that much more intense?

Besides, guys: in bed, women care most about whether or not you’re a satisfier. Edging is a sure way to impress.

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