8 Sexy Texts to Send a Woman

Sexting with confidence is a great skill every man should have in his foreplay toolbox. Nothing turns me on more than a hot flirty text session with a new lover, especially before we’ve had sex. Maybe you think of yourself as an old pro at sending dirty messages, but there’s always room for improvement, especially when these tips come from a woman.

If you’re shy, this is a great way to express fantasies and desires without it feeling awkward or embarrassing. And if you’re already in a relationship that feels stale, or the sex has all but disappeared, try some sexting to bring back the love – a little effort can go a long way.

8 Sexy Ideas to Turn a Woman On by Text

1. What are you wearing?

This is the old standby for a reason. It’s an obvious flirt without being crude and it opens the door for her to use her imagination.

2. Are you alone?

This works for late night texting conversations. You’ll know how much you can flirt or talk sex if she’s not with friends.

3. I’ve been thinking about you, wearing (your fave outfit of hers).

Women can’t resist a compliment about their appearance and will appreciate when you notice her looking sexy.

4. Do you like boxers or briefs?

Kind of cheesy, but not too overt. This text will direct her mind to your package without making it obvious.

5. Do you have a secret move with guys?

She may not reveal this as she plans to or has used it on you, but it will direct her to thinking about foreplay and what she likes.

6. Do you like massages?

This lets her know, you enjoy pleasing a woman and  foreplay as much as the down and dirty.

7. I’m shopping online for sex toys?

She’ll be curious about the kind of kinky fun you’re into. Maybe she’ll get on her computer at the same time and you can browse virtually together.

8. I had a dream about you last night.

Every woman wants to hear this, and it doesn’t have to be true. Just be prepared to give her details that tell her how she turned you on.

You don’t want a girl to think you’ve spent too much time planning and writing a sext. It should fall naturally into a back-and-forth conversation. It works best when there is a slow build of flirty dialogue that dances around the subject of sex rather than flat out dirty talk. Subtlety will have her wanting more and anticipate what is going to happen when you get together.

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Guys: What’s your go-to sexy text that works wonders on women?

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