7 Reasons Men Love Giving Oral Sex

There’s nothing quite like going down on a woman, driving her wild with your mouth and tongue. Giving head, or cunnilingus, is an amazing experience!

There are a hundred reasons why men love performing oral sex. Here are seven.

7 Reasons Men Love Going Down on Women

1. The intimacy of the act is unparalleled.

Going down on a woman is intimate. You are closer to her pussy than with any other sex act, including being inside of her. You see, smell, taste, and touch her at her center, and witness closeup the subtle and intense shifts in her arousal and desire and response. You are kissing her, and being kissed back by her pussy. It’s tender, raw, hot, and beautiful.

2. You love to please a woman.

Great lovers have something in common, and it’s got nothing to do with great biceps or a huge bulge. The best lovers are unselfish, and take their most intense pleasure from pleasing their partner. This lover doesn’t view oral as “taking his turn.” In your view, sex IS pleasing a woman and turning her on, and the rest is gravy. There are lots of ways to satisfy a woman and give her pleasure, but licking her pussy is an absolute staple.

3. Warming her up makes the sex hotter.

Arousing a woman and turning her on is key to better sex. Guys love eating pussy because it drives her wild, and a woman who is wild and horny is hot as hell. The kind of sex where you just stick it in and get it over with might be better than nothing in a pinch, but fucking after you rev her up to her breaking point is way hotter.

Eating her out means she gets wetter and wetter. Her vagina starts to throb and open with desire, from the circulation and stimulation. Licking her leads to better sex, plain and simple.

4. You get to know her pussy better.

Every pussy is a little bit different, and if you’re thrusting in the dark, you’re not really getting acquainted. Oral on her gives you intimate access to how her unique genitalia looks, feels, tastes, smells, and responds.

5. Cunnilingus is a creative act.

Lots of guys—and women—that I’ve been with say they love the variety when it comes to giving oral sex. You can kiss, lick, suck, nibble, and bite. You can work on the “outskirts” and tease her, or you can thrust your tongue inside her vagina. You can spread her open. You can explore her outer labia and her inner lips. You can explore her ass. You can lap up and down or suck back and forth. Cunnilingus is not just one act, but a whole menu and repertoire.

6. It’s the key to orgasm for many women.

An important reason why so many men love cunnilingus is that it’s how a lot of women orgasm.

It’s very common for women not to come from intercourse. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation, and giving her oral is a great way to deliver.

7. The smell of pussy.

Men love pussy. And you love the smell of pussy. If you’ve ever heard the euphemism “French perfume” it just refers to a little secret that some French women knew—the natural female scent is alluring to men, and some women dabbed a bit of their nature behind their ears.

A woman’s secretions have powerful hormones and pheromones that attract you at a biological, evolutionary level. The scent of pussy turns you on, and you can’t get any closer to her pussy than having it in your mouth, nose, and on your tongue.

Bon appétit!

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