4 Tips to Improve Your Kissing Skills

Of all the things I could write about, kissing is probably the most PG, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important topic of discussion. A well-delivered kiss can make a lady feel like she’s about to cum, or at the very least tip the balance in that direction, while a lacklustre kiss can be a total deal breaker, so honing your skills is important.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the way you kiss is a trademarked thing. It’s totally unique to you and therefore hard to change on a deep level without sacrificing some of its authenticity. Still, there are a few things you can do to enhance your overall technique.

Practice Basic Hygiene
Brush your teeth and floss. I cannot stress this enough! Any kiss, even the most passionate, will fall flat if you have bad breath and fuzzy teeth. If you’re a smoker or a voracious fan of garlic, use mouthwash and keep some gum or mints on hand. Don’t make your date guess what you had for lunch by the flavor of your mouth. That’s just gross.

If you tend to have ongoing problems with bad breath, see your doctor or dentist to sort that shit out. You might have an underlying tooth infection or health concern that needs your attention.

Consider the Moisture Factor
You want your kiss to fall somewhere in the middle of the moisture scale—not too wet and not too dry. A really wet kiss can feel super gross, especially if it’s a first kiss. I personally like to know a man a little more before consuming copious amounts of his saliva, but hey, to each her own.

A really dry kiss is also gross because lips and tongues tend to get stuck together in weird ways when there’s not enough moisture, and a dry mouth can really exacerbate the whole bad breath thing. Try to be mindful of the moisture balance in your mouth and drink more water if you need to.

Be Firm but Not Overpowering
Feeling confident as you go in for your kiss is a must, but you don’t want to make your date feel like she’s trapped under your mouth. I’ve been kissed in ways that made me feel like a chicken wing on game night, and it wasn’t sexy at all. I think sometimes guys mistake intensity for passion, when a more subtle approach can be far hotter.

Also keep in mind that different circumstances call for different kinds of kisses. If your date is really turned on, a more intense approach could go over well. Just try to feel it out and pay attention to how your lips are being received.

Stay in the Moment
Part of being sensitive to how your kisses are going over involves staying in the moment. Try not to think too hard about what’s going to happen next or about how you plan to get into your date’s pants. Just go with the flow of your kisses and see where the mood takes you.

Let your date pull you in the direction she would like you to go, but express yourself too. Think of it as a wordless dialogue or a dance that you’re both leading. Kissing is so much more than just a gateway to sex. When practiced well, one might consider it a true art.

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