Hot Tips for Extending Foreplay

Foreplay isn’t just great. For me, it’s an absolutely essential part of having sex.

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Some guys seem to feel that it’s optional, or that they can rush through it, but unless you’re having sex with a robot, you need to learn how to prepare your partner for the epic fucking you plan to deliver.

Foreplay Tips for Your Pleasure and Hers

Create a Wish List

Tell your date what you’re planning to do to her when you get her into bed, then ask her to add her own requests to the list. Add your own as well, if you’re a guy who appreciates a lead up to the big event. Foreplay doesn’t have to be just for the ladies!

If you and your partner prefer a more spontaneous approach, express your wish list in the moment through dirty talk. Being more focused on the journey will keep you from rushing toward the finish line.

Set a Timer

Focus on one area of your girlfriend’s body at a time, setting a timer to ensure that you give her all the attention she deserves. This will be exciting for her because she’ll have time to relax into things and get the chance to anticipate what’s coming next.

You could make a sexy game of it, forbidding her to cum until the time is up. Talk about how you plan to use the timer, and experiment with different time lengths to keep things fresh.

Masturbate Beforehand

If you’ve got a super high sex drive, try emptying the tank before you go out on your date. That way you won’t be in such a hurry to blow your load and you can focus more on everything else.

This is also a helpful technique if you’re prone to premature ejaculation. If you have a fairly quick recovery time, why not ask your partner to suck you off first, then let your desire build again for penetrative sex as you take your time pleasing her?

Delay Your Gratification

I alluded to this earlier, but orgasm denial is a really sexy way to extend foreplay. Take turns being dominant and enforcing the rules. She can’t cum until you say she can cum… or until that certain song comes on, or whatever you decide.

Just make sure she knows it’s a game. You don’t want to just start being demanding and dominant out of the blue, as she might get offended or creeped out.

Experiment with Toys

Get creative and try things you’ve never tried before. Don’t be intimidated by toys. Yes, they have probably given your date a ton of powerful solo orgasms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun.

Who knows? You might even enjoy using them yourself. Try a vibrating cock ring or butt plug, or ask your partner to use her vibrator on your balls. You might never want to go back to having regular sex again!

Share your foreplay tips in the comments!

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