My All-Night Oral Sex Adventure

Here’s an online dating message I received recently that got my attention: “You first, me next time. I stay zipped up, with my eager lips at your service.”

I have to admit this was a little different than a few dozen messages along the lines of “looking for a blowjob quickie tonight.” And so I sent Honey Hunter a response.

Being the insatiable slut that I am—someone who has tried every kink in the book—I thought I’d experienced all there is sexually.

I was wrong! This was the one and only time I’ve ever had sex where the only act was eating me out.

Not foreplay, not dessert, not part of a great session—just cunnilingus and nothing but.

We met for drinks in the hotel lobby and Hunter was a lot of fun to be with. He was pretty hot too, in an unassuming way—slim and tall with long-lashed bedroom eyes, and lips that I kept watching, thinking soon they would be taking me places.

What an understatement!

He started slow, kissing my breasts and lightly touching me over my lavender panties. Stroking softly, he told me his fingertips were wet from it. He didn’t take my panties off for a good half hour, but moved his mouth downtown and kissed my thighs and buttocks and tummy. He started pressing his tongue against the lace.

I couldn’t spread my legs wide enough, I was desperate to be fucked. Since he held true to his promise to remain in his jeans, I had no choice but to grasp his head and shoulders between my legs and buck against him.

It was absolute torture. When he finally pulled my knickers to the side, he leisurely swirled his tongue around the opening of my pussy and occasionally flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue or finger.

He explored every crevice of my labia, working me into a lather. After over an hour of unrushed licking I was actually crying. My emotions and needs were so intense. I felt like I would lose my mind if he didn’t pull out his cock and enter me, and hard.

Instead, he took up my rhythm and pushed one finger partly inside of me, allowing me the relief of a great sobbing orgasm. My pussy was so tender and inflamed I almost recoiled from further touch. But he kept licking past that, until I was coming again even harder than before.

He did me the service of pushing a few fingers into me as far as they would go, which brought me great relief from the pain and my hungry pussy practically sucked his whole hand in.

Needless to say, I’ll be seeing Hunter again.

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