Want to be a Male Porn Star? What to Know

So, you want to be a male porn star?

As Malcolm Lovejoy, I have ten years of experience as a porn star. I’ve shot 150+ porn scenes and have won two awards at the Toronto International Porn Awards.

I’ll tell you what it takes to seriously get on the path to being a professional porn actor. A lot of people think being in a porn looks like the best job in the world. Get paid for sexy pleasure with beautiful people? Sign me up!

In my 20s, I went to sex clubs, sex parties, had threesomes, orgies, hot dates, fucked in public, and did all the good things that one might dream about being associated with becoming a male porn star, but I didn’t actually MAKE porn movies… yet.

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I stopped myself one day and thought, it’s time to put my body where my dreams are! In that moment, I consciously CHOSE to become a porn actor, sex worker, erotic content creator, nude model, and escort.

And I can say honestly, sincerely, and absolutely that it was one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made in my life! I do NOT exaggerate or speak in hyperbole to express that! I LOVE my life as a porn creator, intimacy explorer, and polyamorous sex & relationship writer.

There wasn’t much information at my disposal when I was starting out as a porn actor.

It’s rough to find out things on set in the trenches of sexual exploration WHILE a semi-stranger is pointing a giant camera at your genitals with the immediate expectation that you will perform something sexxxy for the world to see, trust me!

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Male Porn Star Truths

Four male porn actor truths to consider before becoming a porn star.

1. Male Porn Actors Use Performance Aids

Most professional male porn stars use meds like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Caverject to keep things up and running. To the mix, actors might also use body doubles, special effects, prosthetics, and makeup to make the most of their sex scenes.

2. Male Porn Actors Need to Last

I wasn’t told how you’re expected to sometimes fuck and suck and makeout for up to an hour or longer to get all the shots you need for the movie the director is making (being able to last three hours while fucking might be a detriment instead of an asset some days!)

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3. Porn Actors Can’t Choose Partners

You must be professionally prepared to perform the consented sex act with any partner you are offered, though I don’t condone coercive or abusive porn. Of course, you can be selective to some degree, but if you’re just starting out, you want to build experience and connections.

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4. Porn Actors Need to Be Ready

You might get a call or text that asks, “Can you show up on Tuesday at 2pm at Club M4 to work with Amy Foxxx on a peach-eating, oral sex scene? The rate is $200 an hour, and she requested a facial cumshot for the finale. Are you available?”

What would you say? Would you show up for that sex-work shift? Only those with REAL professional desire and pornographic courage will be ready to do the physical/emotional/social/internal work it takes to become a male porn star.

Only a small percentage of people are ready, willing, and able to become a known porn star! Though many people have dabbled and explored the wonderful world of amateur and independent porn which can sometimes be more powerful, hot, beautiful and authentic.

I’m happy whenever anyone chooses to capture and express their eroticism on camera to record for posterity.

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How to Become a Male Porn Star: 4 Basics

1. 2257 Forms & ID

The 2257 is a form that all porn actors sign to promise they are consensually present in the porn video of their own accord, not drunk or high or under pressure to perform, and most definitely an adult.

It’s a government form you can download for free. And if you want to become a real porn actor, get some damn 2257s printed, and get familiar with signing them whenever you’re asked onto a professional porn set.

You’ll also need two pieces of identification that prove that you’re over 18 or 21 (depending where you live). Bring them to the porn shoot if you want to be considered a professional in the porn industry!

2. STI Testing

STI testing is another vital requirement NECESSARY to certify you as a porn actor and not some Average Joe off the street, begging for a Job. Go to the nearest walk-in clinic and get your body/genitals tested for STIs on a regular basis!

At one point, I was getting tested so often, they said “You don’t need to come here every two weeks.” But I was fucking a whole lot, and even though I always wore condoms, sometimes they break. I just wanted to be safe because I had 10 partners at one point… ah, the good ol’ days!

Ask for tests covering all Hepatitis strains, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital Warts, HIV—don’t be shy, scared, or ignorant. There’s no way around this responsibility as a professional male porn star. You just have to do it before every shoot. Keep your most recent paperwork too.

If you take care of your immune system and your general health, and are a safe sex practitioner, this will not stress you out at all. I’ve had completely negative tests for years, and I still play as safe as possible, wear condoms as often as I must with every partner on screen and off screen.

I am a SAFE sex worker. You have to be as protected at all times as you can be in THIS profession, because you only have ONE dick to last you for the rest of your fucking (literally) life! So play smart.

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3. Clear-As-Fuck Boundaries

Know what you will NOT do more definitively than what you will do and what else you might be curious about doing. And know how to share your boundaries immediately, clearly, and unequivocally to everyone you need to say them to in the room: “I will NOT shoot any porn involving _____ and _____.”

I fill in my blanks with “blood, shit, piss, humiliation, and racist dialogue…” It’s great to work with people who already know your boundaries and would never try to do anything except the sexy things you’ve openly expressed you want to do.

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Sometimes on set, there is brainstorming and new toys or furniture come out, or kink options that become possibilities that you didn’t even know existed. In these cases, you can choose to say “Hell, yes, let’s have sex in the hanging harness!” or “I’ll try that St. Andrew’s Cross.”

Just make fucking sure it’s YOU who is choosing what to put on camera and put your body through. Accept no pressure from directors, actors, on-set folks, or anyone. And leave if you don’t feel comfortable.

4. Passion

Play your cards right, take care of your body (it takes lots of food and water to produce cumshots and to have porn stamina), and take care of your mind (don’t overthink and masturbate to your dreams before they happen), and one day you will find yourself butt-ass naked on a porn set, shooting a real porn scene with real porn actors.

And when that happens, It’s time to bring ALL THE PASSION!

Whatever you specialize in, do it will all your energy, your whole body, every drop of electricity in your essence. Sweat. Grind. Hump. Be romantic. Be raw. Be real. Be connected. Don’t think about the time until it’s almost DONE. Get lost in the lovemaking, the sexy times, the hardcore fucking.

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Do not think about the next person you’re dreaming of fucking on another porn set, and don’t be thinking about the last person you fucked and how this porn set compares.

If you take your mind out of the moment, you will be disconnected from your partner, which will force you to start fabricating and faking the fantasy of porn (how “cheesy porn” gets made), but you will also not remember the experience as fully if you don’t pay close attention to every single microsecond that happens.

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And when you’re on a real porn set, fucking someone you only dreamed of fucking: You don’t want to forget a single kiss, touch, or genital thrust!

You do not want to go home after a porn shoot with a head full of regrets that you didn’t do what you REALLY wanted to do or didn’t ask when this is THE place for raw-ass fuck fantasies to manifest to their fullest extent.

Do everything you want to do and are asked to do in a porn scene. And LOVE IT!

When will it be professionally acceptable for you to call yourself a male porn star, instead of porn actor? When you win an award or two from making porn, then you can call yourself a PORN STAR!

Now go be a professional slut!

Adhimu “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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